10 Most Controversial Film Poster Banned All Time


The Film posters have often encountered in theaters and other public means of suggestions is supposed to attract people who see ya. Well 10 following Controversial Film Poster is already proven to be able to attract the attention of potential viewers, but if he had followed the rules and norms? Here it seems that was the problem.

Here we will show 10 Controversial Film Poster banned in some countries for various reasons. Starting from too many “nipple” is visible, pornography is obvious, even to the very strange indeed wrote zoom. Curious?

10 Most Controversial Film Poster Banned All Time

1. Teeth



For those of you who do not know, the film Teeth tells about someone who has a strange vagina. The vital organs are equipped with a series of teeth ready to bite anything that “entered” her. Simply awful is not it? Moreover, coupled with a fairly provocative movie poster above. No wonder if the poster has managed to make the MPAA reacts.

2. The People Vs Larry Flynt


Seklias of course we can see what factors make this poster is blocked. Yes, the figure of Woody Harrelson in the middle of the poster has a pose similar to Jesus, plus the background enough to invite the eye to see. Yoi, thighs. A bad combination indeed for a poster that can be seen crowd.

3. Sin City 2


For those of you who have eyes autofocus, must have realized that there are very interesting in the poster below. Guess what? Yes, “nipple” that is present in the poster Sin City 2 managed to make the lonely man violent nih. Coupled with a nice-looking body that appears behind a thin dress. How not attract you? Of course the controversial dong.

4. Zack and Miri Make a Porno


The film, starring Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks looks very normal yes when viewed at a glance. At first glance you know. If you notice at the bottom, doing well there head bobbed cover vital parts of each character. Ah sorry, I still Rada plain anyway hehe.

5. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


Success? Certainly. The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, directed by David Fincher has even managed to win an Oscar, you know. However, one of the promotional posters seem too vulgar to make indifferent everyone who passed by. Nipples pierced? Woww! 5 Common Mistakes When Women Wear Panties

6. Saw 2


Who does not know the movie Saw? Film with 7 series was successful in getting people to shout for joy (of course for gore addict) any form of torture a fantastic view. Poster also not less cool. Symbolizing the second series of the movie, the two fingers is enough to describe how horrible this movie.

7. Shame


Yakkk.. Want ngomentarinnya too lazy. Who would think to write the title of a movie with the sperm? Quite successfully invited public comments anyway, but if managed to invite them to the cinema? Hmmm I do not think so.

8. Thirst


Actually what is the purpose of the poster of the film Thirst of this? Kayak not proportional yes. Starting from his hand that looked very long, the body position of the two people strange and meaning in it. In fact we are also puzzled why this poster banned? How do you think? जानिए कुछ ऐसी रोचक जानकारियाँ जो आप नहीं जानते

9. Ali G Indahouse


The film, starring Sacha Baron Cohen has even been mired in controversy through posters eccentric. Female nude covered only by the hands that shape metal symbol was apparently enough to make the authorities to get rid of him in public.

10. The Rules of Attraction

Controversial Film Poster

Ya that makes a lot of people wrong and sparked confusion among them Controversial Film Poster. When we look at a glance, this poster showing only normal collection of stuffed animals. But they pose to make a film directed by Roger Avary seemed so appealing. The author will not discuss what they do pose ah. You’re already in big.

That’s her poster 10 most Controversial Film Poster managed to make some of the helm and should be blocked in some countries. Which movie poster do you think interesting? Do not forget to give your opinion through the comments field below ya.

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