10 Facts You Never Know about Pole Dance


Lately, of course, we are already familiar with pole dancing.  What the heck pole dancing? For you who do not know, pole dancing is one of the best fitness trends that are currently being loved by women. Sports that this is indeed quite unique, those who want to do pole dancing needs a strong pillar.



Here, 10 Interesting Facts You Never Know about Pole Dance

If abroad, the sport this one is not something new, because in the place of origin, i.e. American, pole dancing has been around since 1920. Although the dance is using the pole, but you need to know is the pole dance is different from dancing striptease. In addition, here are some things you should know about pole dancing.

Young sexy pole dance woman.

You are overweight or underweight can follow the sport pole dance.

Pole dance can be done by any age, there is no limit.

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Pole dance is not only done by women, men can also be really.

pole-dancing (1)

Its not just used as a sport, pole dancing can be a fun activity that makes you happier.

In addition to a healthy body, by doing this type dance you can also have a sexy body.

And the bruise is the closest companions for those who love the sport pole dance.

Like yoga, any movement in the dance pole definitely has its own name and its benefits.


Not only wearing pants or a dress that is super minimal, you also do a pole dance with clothing which is much closed.

It took many years so that you can perform the movements’ dance as practiced by those who are experts.

And of course, poses remarkable of dance movements you can make material for cool photos to be uploaded to social media.

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