10 Important Safety Guards Features in the Car

Safety is an important factor that cannot be forgotten in driving. Okay you can afford to buy a car with a powerful engine power. Steady, if you are clever in choosing a car wily maintain efficiency. Cool, if you are careful in choosing the car that captivating design. However, do not forget the factor of safety features in the car when selecting mounts.


10 Important Safety Guards Features in the Car


Manufacturers also never stop innovating to deliver the range of safety features both active and passive. As the development of technology, one by one embedded smart devices to make cars smarter than the driver. Hope they certainly frightened amateur driver can be reduced by the features that make the car guide can support the driver. Many safety features are used by each manufacturer for each model.

Check Out This List and Get, 10 Important Safety Guards Features in the Car


Not without reason we put Airbag as a safety feature in the first place. Because normally this feature is a safety feature first used the manufacturer before pinning other features in the car. In fact, the hall car safety assessors, NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) will not give any star if the airbag is not there.


Airbag is a bag with a special material that can inflate so the sensor reads an accident to protect passengers from injury. Routed positions can vary, in front of the driver and passenger, at the feet of the driver, the passenger side, seats, door pillars, even some manufacturers are trying to make airbags for pedestrians were placed at the front of the A-pillar of the car.

Car Framework

This is one more important component of protecting the safety of passengers. Order the cabin has a function not only as a provider of space for passengers, but also as a material structure that provides passive protection for passengers. Honda named with G-Con & ACE (G Force Control and Advance Compatibility Engineering). As mentioned in the official website of Honda Global, since 1998, this technology was introduced in designing the structure of the framework of the Honda cars.


Honda called structural soundness able to distribute energy throughout the entire body evenly so that reduces the effects of massive at one point. They are tested by two different vehicles and see the effect on passengers. Honda also call their testing is much higher than the standard NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the vehicle testing centers in the United States.

Crumple Zone

This feature is rarely promoted the sales. However, when you choose a car, do not hesitate to ask these passive safety features in the car. Crumple zone is easily crushed part of the vehicle that serves to absorb collision energy. So that energy is not arbitrarily order flow into the cabin.

crumple-zonesUsually this part is in front of or behind the car. In the framework of the front of the cabin, for example, some manufacturers even crumple zone design that allows the machine crashed during a collision, thereby minimizing adverse impacts of and encouraged the machine toward the cabin. Crumple Zone has been used since the 1960s.

Safety Belt

Yes, his name is most true is the safety belt and it is listed in the most important features in the car. As the name implies, this belt is useful to maintain the safety of passengers. Even today almost all modern cars have pinned safety belt for every seat passengers. His job is to restrain the passenger in position so as not bounce or braking when the collision occurred. Although the seemingly simple as a stretch fabric with a hook-shaped belt, but the safety belt has a working system is quite complex.

Seat beltIt has a system that reads when to tighten and relax. He is not only tightening and loosening, but can be tightened at once very quickly despite the safety belt in a loose position though. The trick is to give extra power to roll safety belt with a snap. Therefore, usually if you use a car safety belt pretension and have been an accident, it helps to check whether the device in your car can still work well.

Anti-lock Breaking System (ABS)

If the device referred to above is a passive device, then the ABS is an active safety device. Yes, Antilock Braking System (ABS) is an active brake control system keeps the brakes from locking the wheels even though the brake pedal is stepped profusely by the driver. Because, if the brake locking the wheels just like that, so to lose traction and the vehicle difficult to control. This feature also includes in the 6 equipment’s that need to every car owner.

abs-brakesIn the ABS system, there is an active sensor reading the spin of the wheel. Decelerations and wheels so it is necessary to move, the computer will activate the valves to reduce the hydraulic pressure on the brake so that the brake was slightly open and the wheels can rotate. This technique is actually taking inspiration from an expert driver who could do the pulse braking or threshold braking, the tread brake pedal repeatedly or lay terms, ‘whipped.’ Manufacturers develop with capabilities far beyond even the best driver; even up to a dozen times in one second pick all an brakes.

Vehicle Stability Assist

If the ABS works by playing the brakes, then the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) works by actively monitoring the movement of the wheels and the engine. VSA or Vehicle Stability Control (VSC-this is simply the difference between the manufacturer’s name, and the same system) essentially serves to keep maneuvering the vehicle.

performance-large_02Accidents can occur due to loss of vehicle stability when cornering mainly at high speeds. According to the official website of Honda, VSA, controls the engine rotation to the wheels either increase or decrease with the aim that the vehicle does not lose stability. So the car can move normally when cornering in accordance with the directions given on the wheel.

Smart Brake

In short, it is also known as automatic braking which is listed in luxury features in the Car. We first tested this feature on a Mazda car. Needless to luxurious models, even Mazda2 SKYACTIV else already had it. With this features in the car, the car will take control of the brakes to perform emergency braking when there is potential crashing or collision at low speed. Mazda named its Smart City Brake Support.

smart brakesStereo camera sensor behind the rearview mirror, active reading the road in front of the car. When there are objects crossing or there is a car in front of the vehicle to stop suddenly and braking system was not performed by the driver, the system will take over braking and braking automatically.

Lane Departure warnings assist

It is another modern feature in the car that actively keep even support the driver’s ability to control the vehicle Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) or Assist System (LDWA). LDWS, using stereo camera to read the line markers on the street. The system will give a warning so the driver crossed the markings without giving a sign to change lanes (turn signal) with the assumption that the driver negligent and potentially take another road user’s path.

lane deWarning is quite unique shape, the cars Mazda, for example, they give voice Speed trap wheel tread on the speakers on the side that violates the markers. Even certain models to give a slight vibration in the steering. In a more sophisticated car, Jeep Cherokee Trail hawk for example, the development of LDWS was already up to LDWA. So it was not just a warning, but the system will set the direction of the steering wheel to return to the right path.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Rearview mirror, which is tasked with monitoring the rear side of the vehicle, actually has a section of blind. According to NHTSA, about 30% of the rear of the vehicle could not be seen from the rearview mirror. Well, Blind Spot Monitoring here serves as the ‘eyes’ in addition to the vehicle.

Features in the CarDepending on the car, these systems typically use ultrasonic sensors as radar to read the position of the vehicle and other vehicles. In Mazda6 for example, when the vehicle is in a part of blind unreadable, the system will provide notification in the rearview mirror.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Wheel with air pressure as the main component, is an important part not only in terms of performance, efficiency but also safety driving. Reduced air pressure can affect a car’s ability to maneuver. Even if it is too less, the car can lose control and lead to accidents.

tyre pressureSepik any driver, they rarely want to monitor the air pressure of each will start the drive. In fact, the reduced air pressure can occur anytime. Be it due to weather changes, driving, or other factors such as leaking and others. Well, here it is actively reading feature tire pressure. Once the air pressure is less than the standard conditions, the system will provide notification in the instrument panel.

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