10 Most Popular Tourist Destinations in India


Popular Tourist Destinations in India-Island of Lakshadweep


India is most beautiful and biggest democratic country in the world, which has many popular tourist destinations. In this post you will take 10 Most Popular Tourist Destinations in India. According to precious history, cultures and geographical diversity makes its popular tourism and every year millions of people are visiting across the World.

10 Most Popular Tourist Destinations in India

Goa Beaches

Popular Tourist Destinations in India-Goa-beaches

Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, which is beautiful small green land surrounded by azure waters on the west coast of India. It is widely popular for its unique beaches because it has over 25 miraculous green beaches, which are every year fully filled with millions of tourists around the World.

Dal Lake

Popular Tourist Destinations in India-Dal Lake

Dal Lake is the second most visited tourist spots in India, which is placed in Kashmir. This beautiful lake is also known as true heaven on earth. Dal Lake is also a favorite shooting site for Bollywood’s, the houseboat is also the best way to embark upon the nature.

Taj Mahal

Popular Tourist Destinations in India-Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is also known as the symbol of love, which is placed in Agra. It is India’s third most popular historical tourist destinations in the world. This beautiful building also counts in seven wonders of the World.

Valleys of Flowers

Popular Tourist Destinations in India-Valley-Of-Flowers

The Valley of Flowers is most beautiful National parks in Uttrakhand state, India. It is popular for flowers and natural beauty.

Island of Lakshadweep

Island of Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is a beautiful collection of many small Islands. It is the major enchantment of the smallest union territory of India. Lakshadweep Island is widely popular for water sports and real adventure like scuba diving and snorkeling.

Shillong Waterfalls

Popular Tourist Destinations in India-Shillong Waterfalls

Shillong Waterfall is placed in Mawsynram which is a small village of the northeast Meghalaya state. This beautiful place is also known as the moist place on the earth with an rainfall of approximate 11,794 mm. Shillong Waterfall is surrounded by big hills, amazing waterfall, lush green mountains, etc.


Popular Tourist Destinations in India-Kanyakumari

This beautiful place is located at the inter-flow of three biggest water bodies, the bay of Arabian, Bengal sea, and the Indian ocean. It is an amazing, precious jewel of the ocean and popular site for tourists.


Popular Tourist Destinations in India-Darjeeling

Darjeeling is the fully covered with natural beauty, when you come here, you will enjoy its beauty, clean fresh mountain air, etc. at this beautiful place every year millions of people are coming around the World and captured this amazing beauty.


Popular Tourist Destinations in India-Mysore

It is another one famous tourist destination of India, which is located in Karnataka, India. This beautiful place got the maximum number of tourists around the World during the Dasara festival.

Kanha National Park

Popular Tourist Destinations in India-Kanha National Park

This park is India’s one of the largest National park for tiger reserve, which is placed in Madhya Pradesh state, India. This beautiful park is very rich in realistic wildlife; it is mostly covered with dense bamboo and sal trees.

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