10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Facebook

Who does not know with Facebook. The world of social media is now even own members actively to billions of users worldwide. However, if you believe that Facebook is a medium which is suitable as a place you confide in or seek information?

Here we will explain to you all, 10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Facebook. The reason there are all kinds, ranging from security issues, addiction factor, to monetization crazy.



10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Facebook

1.Facebook utilizing the personal information of users

knowingly or unknowingly, Facebook actually take advantage of activities and information you as a reference to know the ads displayed. So they record every search result you are looking for and later serve ads that are relevant to what you are looking ever before. This step might be nice to improve the experience in the surf, but it will use the personal data if it is possible in the abuse later in life?

2.Facebook keep user’s personal data on the server even though it has been deleted


You should know that Facebook turns will keep everything in your profile although you have to remove on their servers. let alone that they will retain all the case for 1 week even after you delete the entire personal profile you there. Is Facebook actions that make users uncomfortable? Of course.

3.Facebook creates addiction

The phenomenon of young people cannot be separated from their gadgets wherever they go, it does become serious problems in the modern era like now yes. All that because of social media really. Facebook has also become one cause of generation of ducking it. Yes sad to see young people communicate now more intense, but not directly and without face to face with the speaker. List of Top 10 Popular Tourist Places in Indonesia

4. Facebook increases depression and the apparent reliance kepercaya



We never discussed in an article about people who do not use social media actually has a smaller stress levels .All this happened because the people who use social media tend to compare the happiness of others with him. If he sees a post -a photo of a person is on vacation, then he is likely to compare it with everyday life is more boring and less happy.

5. Facebook as a means of stalking people are not responsible

Often heard about the case ABG labile kidnapped because of new know someone on Facebook? Not only was kidnapped, raped them there are even traded. This is precisely what should be taken seriously by all parties, from the manager to the Facebook users themselves. Increasingly, Facebook has become a place that is less secure because it allows people insane and not responsible for stalking to other people’s profiles.

6. Facebook endanger outside account attributed to him


Now log in to a website or a game using your Facebook account is not unusual anymore. But a growing number of accounts that you associate with Facebook, then your personal profile will also be more susceptible, given the door is now more widespread hacking and through a variety of ways. One door yes through the connection of external accounts. Beware … beware! List of Top 5 Luxury Car Roof Variety

7. Facebook users are becoming obsolete

Ah Facebook has started no longer sexy. It seems like a lot of people will agree that Facebook has now started as the user leaves his youth. Social media are now experiencing a shift in the demographics of users, from which were used by young people, are now met by an adult to the elderly.

8. Sensor everywhere

Freedom of speech and express what is important to say yes. But Facebook increasingly strict in limiting the foregoing. One of them is that they begin to implement the algorithm recognition of images. If when you upload an image and turns in it contains many elements of the skin, then the image is likely to be lowered (assuming that the image contains a photograph vulgar ). Besides this, there are many more acts of censorship carried out by Facebook.

9. Advertising is everywhere


It seems like all users Facebook conscious smokers that Facebook is used is not the current one. Now the blue social media began to be filled with ads. Not only in special column ads on the edge, now they have penetrated the middle of the News Feed, and at point other unexpected. 8 Mistakes with Underwear are Definitely Ever Do

10. Refinery money to developers game, the advertiser, and the artist

Did you know that entering 2015, Face. continues to spread its wings in terms of monetization. If the first user to spend money to play the games that were there, they now also have the opportunity to spend money in sending a message to the artist, increasing the reach of post better through boosting, and more. These features have long existed, but now increasingly strengthened.

We do not say that you absolutely must leave the world of social media, especially Facebook and alienated from the internet. But that does not mean you have to reliance on it. There are still many beautiful places that can be explored out there, and waiting for you to tap directly. So, use social media wisely yes!

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