10 Secrets Google Search Tricks You Don’t Know


You may never open Google.com, just to check if your Internet connection is connected or not. Yes no? That is evidence of how popular Google Search Tricks as a search engine or search engine in the world. Well, there are so many secret tricks Google Search is definite yet you know everything.

From time to time, the search engine Google is getting smarter. Of course, to get the maximum results that match what you’re looking for, you need a special trick. Therefore, you shall really know the secret Google Search Tricks to use Google Search below that makes browsing more exciting and certainly would be useful at any time.

10 Secrets Google Search Tricks You Don’t Know

1. Keyword Suggestion



Looking for something on Google? Just type in a few words, Google will suggest the right keywords and search results even more leverage.

2. Time Sunset Sunrise


Tips tricks Google next is you can find out, when the time sunset (sunset) and sunrise (sunrise) in your city.

3. Word Translator


Create using Google Translate; you can also go through Google Search. Much more practical is not it? Just type in Google Translate in your Google search field. जानिए क्यों इस मंदिर में एसी बंद होते ही मां काली को आ जाता है पसीना

4. Viewing Events or Promise

With Google, you can also rely on him to see an event or appointment you. This feature must be connected to Gmail, the way he just type when is my next appointment?

5. Viewing Photos You at Google


Secret trick using Google Search next is you can view your photo collection in Google somewhere. For example Show me my pictures in the mountains, to show your photos in mountainous areas or other places. Google will show you some of the photos you have uploaded in your Google account (Google Photos or Google+).

6. Convert Anything in Google

You can convert the unit to another unit with the help of Google. Both the volume, weight, currency and more. E.g. what is 25 cm in inches? Or $ 250 to rupiah.

7. Looking at Stock Market

With the help of Google, you can also see the stock market a company very easily. The spell is stock and is followed by the company you want to see. जानिए कुछ ऐसी रोचक जानकारियाँ जो आप नहीं जानते

8. Find Places around You


If you have a habit of skipping somewhere, with a secret trick Google Search can help you find a place around you. For example, you can search for places to eat and others, such as where is the nearest coffee shop? To find a coffee places.

9. Finding Definitions

While reading a book or article, sometimes we find words that are not understood. Therefore, you can search for the meaning of the word with the help of Google Search directly on the top page. The trick to add the word is for the Indonesian and words define for English.

10. Find out Info Life Celebrity or Famous Personalities


Just type in your date of birth followed by the name of a celebrity or famous figures to know about their lives. Google usually displays sources that information from Wikipedia to answer questions about the birth, age, career, and more.

That’s 10 secret tips and tricks to use Google Search you should know, because you will definitely need someday. How do you have an extra trick Google Search more?

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