15 Amazing Animals Cafe You Must Visit Here

Animals Cafe is a paradise for those who love animals or animal regarded as a friend or friends but still want to enjoy a good meal there. In this cafe is usually carried him you are allowed to play with your pet or pet animals in the cafe. Starting from owls, porcupines, until the dog Huski you can find in these cafes.

 Top 15 Amazing Animals Cafe You Must Visit Here



image source: instagram @Tiaaringo

Akiba Fukurou Owl Cafe, Tokyo, Japan – Owls contained in this cafe will make you want to pet him passionately and, perhaps seemed at Hogwarts with Harry Potter.


instagram @cattowncafe


Cat Town Cafe and Adoption Center, Oakland – the first cat cafe This allows the United States to adopt all kittens! More than 400 cats have been adopted to this day!


instagram @ maimi.saka

Ms. Bunny, Tokyo, Japan – In this cafe you can chat with a rabbit and a hedgehog while enjoying drinks available. The cafe is also a rabbit hotel for pet owners.


instagram @lemonteaa

We Are the furballs (WTF), Singapore – If you visit Singapore, do not forget taking the time to chat with these cute little dogs in the cafe WTF.


instagram @thelittlebluebow

Harry Hedgehog Cafe, Tokyo – Hedgehog, the prickly animals cute pet is contained in Harry Hedgehog Cafe in Tokyo.


Bau House Dog Cafe, Seoul, South Korea – Having a bad day and tiring? Light up your day back at this cafe while chatting with cute dogs in various sizes.


instagram @cateaclysmic

KitTea, San Francisco – In this cafe you will be accompanied cute cats and offer memberships and yoga classes.


instagram @withbethany

Purringtons Cat Lounge, Portland – Equipped with a painting of David Bowie as a cat-sized, this cafe is a temporary home for the cats to be adopted in Portland.


instagram @karaqy

S Garden Cafe, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur – Not only offers cuteness small dogs, you are also allowed to bring dog’s peliharaanmu to this cafe and enjoy a menu together!


instagram @kekekylie

True Love Husky Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand – It’s not a dream, and you can actually visit a restaurant filled with dog Huski Siberia in Bangkok!


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Pups & Cups Dog Cafe, Manila, Philippines – Pups and Cups Cafe has a collection of the most adorable dog that will accompany you to enjoy fine dining at this cafe.


instagram @ gena_0910

Dog Cafe Perpet, Seoul, South Korea – Hotel Perpet not just let the guests interacted with anjng-cute dog, but also sells toys like a pet dog.


instagram @jessicacurrie

Mimi Rabbit Cafe, Tokyo, Japan – Mimi, a minimalist cafe in Tokyo let visitors play and feed many pet rabbits here.


instagram @linhtung

Puppy Cafe Sangsang Dabang, Seoul, South Korea – Make sure you order a drink at the cafe in order to play with these cute little dogs.


instagram @anita_ruming

Ra.agf Rabbit Cafe Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan – This cafe will spoil you with cute rabbits should be fed with food provided.

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