5 Android Smartphone You Can not Play Pokemon GO


As someone who is always up-to-date, you must know very well that the game Pokemon GO is becoming a hot discussion in each circle. In fact, very often you also surely now see the players Pokemon GO walk down each area holding a smartphone with a serious face, right?

5 Android Smartphone You Can not Play Pokemon GO

Sure, playing Pokemon GO was a real thrill really. But, do you know, it turns out there is an Android smartphone that could not feel the thrill of GO Pokemon game is this? Yes, quite sad to hear this. Although GO Pokemon has been released for Android and iOS-based devices, but some of the Android smartphone it cannot play loh.



5 Android Smartphone You Can not Play Pokemon GO

Yes, the news about some Android smartphones are still not able to play Pokemon GO is true. Therefore, Pokemon GO requires Android smartphone that has an operating system Android 4.4 KitKat upwards. In addition, you also must require at least 1 GB RAM. Previously, Intel-based Android smartphone was not able to play Pokemon GO. But, recently, it has to do with tables; you can read in Look How to Download and Play Pokemon Go on Intel Smartphone . Then, any smartphone cannot play Pokemon GO?

Sony Xperia SP


Smartphone were released in 2013 is actually still has a performance which is no less than other Android smartphones today. Problem specification, you should compare it with the others. Unfortunately, because of the Android operating system the Sony Xperia SP just stop Jelly Bean 4.3, this smartphone cannot you count on to feel the game Pokemon GO. Who still uses Android smartphone this until now?

Samsung Galaxy S2


Who does not know the smartphone flagship in this era? Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the forerunner of the presence of the Galaxy S7 that was circulating at the moment. Although it has a specification that is still fairly good for you using now, unfortunately Galaxy S2 goes into one list of Android smartphones cannot enjoy Pokemon in Pokemon game can GO. Why? Because the operating system stops until Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Oppo Neo 3


Speaking of China Android smartphones, usually quite closely to discuss the Oppo. Yes, Oppo Neo 3 which has not yet quite old age was still used as one smartphone that cannot enjoy the game Pokemon GO. Unfortunately, when the size of this smartphone is precise enough to grip with one hand, which means you will be easier to play Pokemon GO.

Samsung Galaxy J1


Smartphone which was released in early January it was not included in the list of Android smartphone that can play Pokemon tablets. Oops, whereas in terms of operating system, would have been really supportive. Yes, it is true there is no problem from the operating system, but still carried RAM 512 MB. Pity not, but exciting at all if you know how to be a Pokemon in Pokemon Go games uses the Samsung Galaxy J1 .

Sony Xperia E1


Sony is a Japanese company, which always presents a variety of interesting innovations in every product be sutannya smartphone. However, for Sony Xperia E1 although only 2 years old and have an operating system that can support the play Pokemon GO, you still would not be able to do it. Therefore, this smartphone only has 512 MB RAM.

That’s five Android smartphones that cannot feel fun, exciting, and the joy of the game PokemonGO. Meaning, if this time you want to buy an Android smartphone with the intention of playing PokemonGO, then unfortunately, Jake does not recommend the five smartphones on top.

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