5 Common Mistakes When Women Wear Panties


The price is cheap, attractive colors, impressed sexy, or funny pictures are often used as a benchmark when choosing underwear. Though choosing the underwear cannot be indiscriminate if one uses panties major impact on the health of the body area.



Here, 5 Common Mistakes When Women Wear Panties

Unfortunately this is often not realized by many women.

1. Too tight underwear that is too tight to make skin friction that caused irritation of the skin and vagina, especially in postmenopausal women. “For postmenopausal women, those women tend to thin walls so easy teiritasi,” explained clinical professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at NYU Lang one Medical Center, USA.
Then it could also create disrupted nerve and inhibits blood circulation such as women’s health experts expressed, Donnica Moore.full-bottom-underpants_650x400_71432792929

  1. Synthetic fabrics and silk “There are many options that can make the garments in the vaginal area ‘breathe’. The use of this kind would be fine for you,” said Dardik.
    But often choose synthetic fabrics and silk in a variety of occasions. Though both types of fabric cannot be made the area covered breathes. Such conditions make the area moist is a pleasant place for fungal and bacterial infections develop as disclosed Moore.

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  2. Thongs For women pants of this type can make it look sexier. Pants of this type usually only connecting a piece of rope or fabric that connects between the rears of the pants with the front section. As a result, using this pair will not show panty line from the outside.
    “Thongs can facilitate transport of bacteria from the anus to the vagina because underwear is often shifted from the back to the front. So they can spread the bacteria E. coli,” as revealed Moore.panty650_062112041903
  3. Rarely changed underwear Women often perspire routine should replace underpants, at least twice per day. “The air is warm and humid environment, the perfect place for mold to grow,” explained Moore.
  4. Incorrect use of detergents for those with sensitive skin, often forget to choose a special type of detergent. “The cause of the other iritas namely for clothing detergents. How much detergent brand of clothing has a high concentration of perfume that actually makes skin allergies in intimate areas and vagina,” explained Moore.

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