5 Most Secure Android Smartphone in the World


A security issue has always been a special concern in the Android smartphone. The problem with the Open Source operating system, so all parties can easily create applications and change system. So, I wonder if the users of Android smartphones are often made frightened by malware attacks and malicious virus .

Most Secure Android Smartphone

When security and personal things become intertwined in smartphones, the vendor continues to innovate to deliver new security features. Whether through system updates are fast, feature software specifically, to hardware latest to maintain security, everything you can find in the Android smartphone lineup with the best security level below.

1. Nexus 6P



Without prejudice to security issues, Nexus 6P is a smartphone made by Google’s most secure and available globally today. Smartphone is equipped with high-level specifications but equipped with an affordable price without neglecting security issues. In hardware, the smartphone is equipped with a fingerprint sensor . But not only is the hardware, the software Nexus 6P guaranteed safe.

2. Google Pixel and Pixel XL


Google Pixel and Pixel XL is the latest smartphone made by Google safest at the moment. Not only safe as it gets updated quickly directly from Google, Google Pixel is equipped with a fingerprint sensor and support for hardware updates. Google Pixel and Pixel XL equipped with the chipset Snapdragon 821, 4GB of RAM and a 12MP camera super sophisticated. Besides being one of the most secure Android smartphones, Google Pixel also promised as a smartphone has the best camera.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Forget for a moment the case of dozens of units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding. Apart from that, the Galaxy Note 7 is the most secure Android smartphone in the world today. Plus this smartphone is equipped with support for hardware latest increased compared to the previous Galaxy Note series, such as waterproof and iris scanners. Who thought if Samsung will make a series Note waterproof? Even the S-Pen Galaxy Note 7 can be used in the water.

4. BlackBerry DTEK50


BlackBerry smartphone foray into the realm of the first through the BlackBerry, who had claimed to be the most secure Android smartphone. However, due to the expensive price, this smartphone then fail. Do not stop trying, BlackBerry DTEK50 launched to present the Android smartphone that promises security to users. Uniquely, this time BlackBerry launches Android smartphone safest at an affordable price.

5. BlackPhone 2


Unlike the BlackBerry that uses the server to ensure the security of user data, Blackphone 2 made by Silent Circle comes with the Android operating system custom -called Silent OS. Not only safe, the smartphone is equipped with chipsets made by Qualcomm, 3GB RAM and micro SDXC support.

Well, if you are very concerned about the security of your smartphone, where the world’s most secure Android smartphone would you choose in the 2016’s?

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