6 Mistakes with Panties in This Area Could Endanger Miss Vaginal Area


Underwear or panties is important for the protective part of the female sex. If you make a mistake in the use of underwear, then it can be harmful to your vaginal area.

6 Mistakes with Panties in This Area Could Endanger Miss vaginal area



Here are some common panties mistakes by women, which can endanger the health of the vaginal area.

1. Using the same underpants after exercise

When you change your clothes after a workout, make sure you also replace the new pants. Fungi and bacteria love warm conditions and environment, damp and dark. Thus, sweaty underwear that can keep fungi and bacteria in your vagina area. So, replace your panties immediately after exercise!

2. Choose materials that funny

When choosing the shape and motif panties, sometimes women like to choose the material and motifs cute and unique. In fact, cotton underwear is the most excellent materials for everyday use. Besides having an ideal air flow, in this kind of pants can avoid vaginal infection. Six Transparent Dresses at the VMA Red Carpet

3. Lazy wash

Sometimes, when the laundry piles up, you’ll never committed one sin, namely reusing panties. In fact, it turned out to be very dangerous. An expert advice to use the underwear disposable and then wash it off, especially underwear type of thong. As in sweat pants, underwear former can also nourish the bacteria and the risk of giving the infection.

4. Diligent wear thong

Mistakes with Panties in This Area Could Endanger Miss Vaginal Area

Pants in the form of thong, was pants with a piece of thin rope. Usually this type of pants worn while wearing clothing made subordinate or plagiarized. However, if you do not need this underwear, you should use regular underwear. Because the material is so thin can transfer the bacteria E. coli from BAB area to the vagina.

5. Wear one size smaller

Underwear that makes the fat part and hips printed materials typically have a size too small. It can be dangerous to health because it can cause infection in the vagina. Buy the size of the underwear that fits your body, and comfortable to wear.

6. Using deodorant detergent 

If you experience redness and infection in the intimate area, please check the label on the detergent. Use fragrance a free detergents, as well as other apparel products using the deodorizer. Clothing products which use fragrances can irritate sensitive skin at the vaginal area. Want to Read More Interesting Post Click Here

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