6 Most Powerful Modern Invention in the World


Technological developments have indeed brought many changes in the life of the world. The new things, that have been developed and many new technologies emerging every time. In the present era make something once virtually impossible can now be able to.

Millau Viaduct


Here, 6 Most Powerful Modern Inventions in the World

Thanks to technology, human also can create new things that before it would have been unthinkable. As some of the following invention, which thanks to increasingly advanced technology, as well as the growing science, mankind has managed to create a super-sophisticated inventions and discoveries be regarded as the toughest in the world.

M1 Abrams Battle Tank in the World’s Strongest

M1 Abrams tank is the most powerful war vehicles in the third generation of US production. M1 Abrams tank believed to be the most resilient in the world. Its name is derived from the former Chief of Staff and Commander of US Forces in the Vietnam War, Gen. Creighton Abrams.


In addition to advanced composite-coated steel, other features M1 Abrams is the use of gas turbine engines and separate ammunition storage. So, the safety of the crew in the tank was more secure.

Heavy tank reaches 62 tons and classified as the heaviest in its class. Although started serving since 1980, this tank is always entrusted at the forefront of the battlefield. With an increasing range of technology, until now there have been three versions were produced, namely M1, M1A1, and M1A2.

Audi A8 L, a Cool Car Bulletproof

James Bond will definitely feel safe driving in the Audi A8 L Security when carrying out its mission. He was able to run away nimble as the situation precarious and dangerous. The reason, the German car can run at speeds of 100 km per hour in just 7 seconds.

Invention in the World

Not only that. Audi A8 L is also bulletproof. In fact, a passenger in it still need not worry of sudden grenade attack. Indeed, the car’s cabin is also designed to provide fresh air automatically. So, when the enemy fired poisonous gas, passengers will not be affected by outside air.

Millau Bridge, the highest bridge in the World

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Bridge Millau Bridge is jempatan that rises 1,125 feet or the equivalent of 342.9 meters in the valley of the river Tarn near Millau, southern France. This figure is almost three times that of high-Monas (National Monument). In fact, 19 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower. 5 Unique Cars with Top Speed Above 300 KPH


Imagine how exquisite you drove over that height. But, do not worry. Seven pillars weighing 36,000 tons designed capable of supporting the weight of this bridge. Not only has it made sturdiness. There is a strong cables attached at each pole supports. Motorists can cross safely.

Anti-Cracked Metallic Glass Invention

Soon, the world will be shocked by man glass building products and sturdiness. D is led by Marios Demetriou, researchers from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) developed a metallic glass.


Metallic glass has a chemical structure neutralizing the fragility of glass, but was able to maintain its strength. Made from palladium, silicon, germanium and silver makes the glass less dense and lighter than steel. 15 Amazing Animals Cafe You Must Visit Here

However, metallic glasses are still expensive and difficult to mix. Thus, the uses for the production still have to wait.

“Gorilla Glass Invention”, to Make a Durable Phone


Glass Gorilla Glass 4 which is now widely used as a protective screen smart phone otherwise has the power withstand heavy impact at the same time rough scratches. The fourth edition of this glass also successfully passed the test drop test with induced fall of 80 percent louder than previous versions.


Moreover, the glass is able to reduce the number of bacteria up to 1 million times in just 2 hours. As is known, the bacteria in the mobile device are 10 times more bacteria than the toilet. Robust and hygienic technology has also been attached to the class smart phone Galaxy Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Samsung’s latest output.

Dental Sea Slugs Invention, Strongest Material Creations of Nature

According to professor of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Portsmouth England, Asa Barber, proving that the sea slugs have teeth made of the most powerful on earth. Vegetarian snail’s bodied average of five centimeters is stronger than spider webs, titanium, or kevlar. Top 10 Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations in the Germany

The teeth have a composition frame goethite protein and fiber content of the meeting. Goethite is a kind of oxide minerals commonly found in soil and a low temperature environment. This mineral is a constituent material iron ore.


To separate the teeth in the laboratory, Barber requires a pressure of 6.5 Gigapascal (GPa). While cobwebs requires 4.5 GPa and kevlar only 3-3.5 GPa. It is hoped that the discovery of the material in the teeth of sea slug is able to generate strong material, but mild. This kind of technology can be beneficial, especially in the automotive field.
Now his friend that approximately 6 discovery of the world’s toughest in the modern era .His inventions have indeed already delivering benefits to humans. And it is quite possible for the future; new discoveries will continue to emerge.

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