6 Reasons Why Women Cheating with Life Partner


You have probably read many articles, even books, on how to recognize, prevent, and rose from the problem of infidelity in a marriage relationship. Surprisingly, of the many cases of infidelity, rarely studies find infidelity occurs because of problems in the marriage. Meanwhile, you’ll often hear women who question where the mistakes that occurred in conjunction with a partner.



6 Reasons Why Women Cheating with Life Partner

The study found that if infidelity is done by the women, this is not because of the pressure in the marriage relationship. So what is the reason?

Sexual satisfaction disproportionate A statistical data found that men experience sexual satisfaction at number 18, while women in figure 30. It takes maturity, maturity, and understanding about sex to make a woman feel comfortable and secure in their own sexual needs.


Feeling have a backup plan at the end of the reproductive years, usually women will think of a backup plan, such as searching for others who might be willing to take care of him, when the couple leaves.  Now women have achieved economic independence point of their careers and their own personal finances, so factor that makes their affair is getting stronger.

The need to find you is an interesting figure in relationships marriage, especially long-standing, it feels nervous attraction to each other has subsided. Husband and wife will be less and less praise, respect, and love each other, so this is what makes a woman chooses to seek the figure of another man who could make her feel pretty, attractive, sexy, and desirable.

The desire to feel free in private Even in today’s modern society, women continue to face pressure and responsibility incredible, frightened forthright. In India, adultery committed by a woman is considered as a way to express them.
jess_nick_cover2Revenge It is thought the worst when a woman chooses to have an affair, he was trying to fix the pain that made previous partner with others.

Interest in a new person in a theory of evolution ever explained that married couples who have similar genes, further enabling the wife to commit fraud or infidelity.  It is connected with the desire of a woman to know that the new figure.

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