6 Signs Men Regret Breaking up with You


Breaking up necessarily is painful and even more than physical pain. Therefore, some couples even decide to return to her former lover because they do not want to feel the pain. But, back to the ex-girlfriend is actually not the best option to do.

6 Signs Men Regret Breaking up with You



You certainly do not want to repeat the same mistake twice is not it? But what if the story he regretted the decision together. Could this affect your feelings? For you ladies, can see the signal from the behavior of your ex. As reported by the site bold sky.

The following six men sign sorry to part with you and still keep the feeling

Confide Your Friend

6 Signs Men Regret Breaking up with You

Dating relationship  may have ended, but not with friendship. You still have a friend who is always faithful. If the former lovers still telling yourself, this is a sign that he still has not forgotten you.

Monitoring of Social Media


It is now easy to know the whereabouts and activities of others through social media. If you find your ex-lover was stalking you on social media such as viewing your profile even once every 5 minutes, it can be inferred he still had the taste with you.

Contacting a Moment of Frustration


A breakup is a heavy thing for a man. But unlike women who honestly express it, he tried to hide it. If they contact you by telephone when she was stressed and frustrated it is certain she still can not leave you. He would still need support and your presence when they are in trouble or feeling uncomfortable.

Do not have a New Boyfriend


Your stories and former lover  has ended a long time, but the former still own even when you’ve been together a replacement for him at this time. This could be because they are sorry and have not been able to move on from a love story with you.

Still close with Your Family


This is the clearest sign that your ex still wants you to come back. When he was still on good terms even visit within a fairly frequent after you and he broke up, this is a sign he is still improving relations with you and start over.

Still Saving Your Photos

If he still store your photos this mean he was sorry to part with you. Save your photos is a sign he still wants to re-establish a relationship  with you.

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