6 Tips and Tricks on Snapchat is Not Many Know


Snapchat is often referred to as one of the most popular social network in the world. Based on data from November 2015, Snapchat has had more than 100 million monthly active users.

6 Tips and Tricks on Snapchat is Not Many Know



The popularity of Snapchat could not be separated from the unique features offered, one of which is the ability ephemeral. In addition, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel once said Snapchat content is so unique and anti-mainstream. That is the main attraction Snapchat. However, considering these applications is relatively new, not many users who understand the features and capabilities of the application. One of them is the ability to store the uploaded content. Quite often users see a message on Snapchat will be erased in a given time period. These tips can be used to enrich their experience.

Here, 6 Tips and Tricks on Snapchat is Not Many Know

Swap Camera Front and Back When Recording


Many Snapchat users think camera can only be used in one direction only when recording a video, the camera on the back or front. However, users can change the direction of the camera while recording a video. To do this was quite easy; users simply tap the screen twice while recording it.

Create a Frame with Letter


Almost, Snapchat users how to fill posts in a snap. Users simply select the ‘T’, located at the screen when going to upload a picture. But, you know, the letters can be transformed into a frame for an uploaded content. Users simply select the letters were deemed appropriate to be used into the frame, and then enlarging it as needed. For example, the letter “O” can be used as a frame round the whole of the image. Meanwhile, the letter “A” large can be used to create a frame the triangle intact.

Set the Story of Friends Nearby 


As already known, Snapchat automatically collate stories alphabetically after passing through the ‘Recent Updates’. On the other hand, users often want to go back to see some snap of people nearby. Unfortunately, it is sometimes troublesome to do because often users have many friends in their contact list. Not to mention that there is a possibility that friends name begins with the letter late in the alphabet. Activity find the name of a friend would be more difficult. WhatsApp Secret Features You Don’t Know 

With a few tricks, it can actually be overcome. Users simply add the letter “A” in front of the nearest person’s name, to make it always be on top of the contacts list. How to do it is simple, users simply slide the screen down and select the list of ‘My Friends’. Select the name of the contact you want to change and select the symbol of the gear and replace username. After that, you do not need to bother to search contacts from people nearby.

Use Emoji to Set List Friends


Basically this means the same as the previous tips. Only this time the user can use emoji to create a grouping of a friend or somebody that followed. Steps taken were the same as the previous one, but the user must add emoji in front of the first letters of the contact in question. After that, the contact is automatically grouped by emoji provided. For example, users can use emoji heart to mark family or lover. As for the musicians who follow the user can use the emoji guitar and other emoji to make more groups.

Share Snap from Discover Stories


One of the enjoyable features of Snapchat is Discover Stories. Through this feature users can find the content informative and interesting, coming from IGN, National Geographic, CNN, until MTV. With certain interesting content, users often want to divide the snap to those nearby. Unfortunately, as though Snapchat does not allow it. In fact, there are ways to be able to do that. To do so, users can simply press and hold the content of the Discover Stories are divided. After that, the content will be changed to draft like a snap to upload. From there, users simply set including adding filters, and share them as usual.

Saving Stories User Snap 


Snapchat is known as social networking systems that favor the ephemeral, the uploaded content will be removed immediately. However, that does not mean the user uploaded content cannot be saved to watch back in. Users can simply perform the actual steps that have been provided in the application Snapchat. Users simply slide the screen to the right to see a list of stories that have been uploaded in the ‘My Stories’. Pillih and open the content. After that, slide the screen from bottom to top, and users will find rows of icons that can be used. Selection of the content store is located at the far right of the icon. In addition, users can also see a friend who had seen the upload by selecting the icon at the far left eye. Good luck.

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