7 Mistakes Withdraw Money at an ATM is still Often Do


Have you often do not realize eat or buy something in place that only accepts direct payment or cash? This may sound innocent enough, but what about when you are not the one who used to carry cash?

Here are some of the mistakes that they often do in machine ATM while taking the money.

7 Mistakes Withdraw Money at an ATM is still Often Do

1. Withdraw money outdoors



Currently, the ATM space usually is a small cubicle surrounded by glass with an ATM machine , allowing only one or two people to get into the room. However, you may also never met an ATM open space, in where when you take money from ATM machines, some people can see it. Bottom line, before you take the money in the ATM, is sure about your safe.

2. Forget to change the pin

You will never know what will happen, what people are standing right behind you in line, or the camera may record all your activities. To make sure that everything is safe and alert after the transaction, do not forget to change your pin. 10 Secrets Google Search Tricks You Don’t Know

3. To open the door for others


You might still think about the courtesy and humanity, but when you take the money in the ATM, the most important thing is the safety of your own, not someone else.

4. Throw away ATM receipts

What do you think that the computer never makes mistakes? Means you are wrong. Receipt or ATM receipts are the best evidence that you can hold, when there was an error.  If you want to throw away ATM receipts, be sure to torn it first.

5. Using a credit card

may feel safer using credit cards, rather than debit cards. However, you are wrong.
In fact, you are not recommended to use a credit card, especially using the ATM machine. A debit card is the only card that can be used at ATM machines. 5 Tips to Strengthen GPS Signals on Android Phone

6. Go to the ATM only to make a deposit

This time, all things can be done digitally, including inserting money. Download your bank app on your phone, and you can do anything from there.

7. Disregarding cost cuts

Cost the bank can continue to grow, if you’re willing to pay attention. Do not be indifferent, call your bank and tell your mind. Or not, they will continue to withdraw money from your account automatically.

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