7 September Apple Will Launch iPhone7 Official


As you know, September has become the month Apple. As every year in September, Apple is introducing the latest innovations on both the iPhone is released. Along with almost the end of the month of August, rumors of the emergence of the latest iPhone even more powerful.



7 September Apple Will Launch iPhone7 Official

After circulating leaked specs and name of the new iPhone to be unveiled Apple, recently circulated an invitation that predicted the launch date. When is it?

There Is Number 7?


The latest generation iPhone rumored to be named the iPhone7. This is because last year Apple introduced the iPhone 6s. However, since the emergence of the iPhone 6SE also circulated news about the emergence of iPhone 6SE. In the midst of rumors, a mysterious invitation was circulated.

The Reason You Are Always Touch with Wrong Man

An invitation was tweeted by Joanna Stern , technology journalist of The Wall Street Journal, said “See you on the 7th” hinted that the next generation of iPhone is the iPhone7. Not only that, the invitation was also made clear by the caption contains the time of the show, namely Apple event at 10 AM in San Francisco.


Once it is clear that the iPhone7 will be introduced, whether Apple will also introduce the technology of two cameras on the iPhone7? If you see an invitation, could be true. Because it is the technological advantages the two cameras is the ability to produce DOF (Depth of Field) high.

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