7 Signs it Assure You about the End Relationship


Sometimes in a relationship, you give everything just to make it run properly. Feeling has given everything, and then you do not want the relationship to fail. You feel you’ve done everything to make this relationship run until now. But in the end there was a conflict about continuing or ending the relationship.



There are 7 signs that may require you to terminate your relationship

You make excuses to justify his actions when couples are rude, you continue to find reasons to justify his actions. Example: “Maybe he was too tired to work.”

One thing you might miss is everyone goes through a difficult day at work, but it is not a reason to treat the couple roughly. If this happens too often, you know that it is time to end relationship.

The first step is to discuss this matter amicably. If more and more often the case then look for alternatives so that your partner can vent his anger. If successful, then you still have hoped to continue this relationship. But otherwise, he would not listen to you anymore, then end it is the best way out.


There are only words, not action have you ever found yourself involved in a fight, argument or conversation about the same thing? This is important if it concerns how to treat your partner. Again and again you are asking about the same thing, and each time it was also he apologized, but doing the same thing in the future. It just shows one thing, that your partner does not have a commitment on what he said.

Do not take the risk to commit to someone, if no one is able to prove it. However, if you find your partner is trying to change, so be patient. This relationship may not be as bad as they think.


Social media is not everything Yeah, maybe so much fun for uploading your photos with the couple in social media. However, everything changed when it became part of the relationship. Today, most couples consider their relationship is not valid when it is not yet listed on Instagram or Facebook them.

If you and your partner feel the same way, then this is not something healthy. As exciting as any social media do not let them leave a huge impact on your relationship. real facts of love, Show me because you feel proud, not because they want to prove that you’re making a connection. And if you are often confused by the comments people will be photos uploaded, then it’s time to fix this relationship or leave.


Arguing in public course all couples never an argument or a fight. However, this argument is different when done in public and Argument usually done in private. If the contention is done in public, usually experienced anger is so great that the space issue is no longer important.

When you have a fight in public, there is no chance to listen quietly, or thinking about the situation from the other person. You will only think about what others think and why this fight happened at that time. This is very embarrassing to you and the people around.

If the contention is decorated with hand game and improved sound, then this is a sign that is not very good, especially if it has happened many times.


You accept the presence of other people initially you may just often receive compliments from others. But if it continues with exchanging messages, then your relationship is finished. Mutual flirting, meeting, hide your actual status, and let others do what cannot be done by couples, in fact only be a trap for yourself. You will not end happily. If not abandoned, it just shows that you’re totally not ready for a relationship.

You draw your own conclusions you draw your own conclusions always in all circumstances and consider it as the truth. For example, your partner and forget the day so you take no care at all about this relationship.

jess_nick_cover2You do not see from the standpoint of the pair, and feel single in life that you know all the answers. If you do not feel appreciated, then draw their own conclusions, this will only hurt yourself. It will be the burden of the day and damage the relationship in the future.

However, if your spouse has never tried to make the relationship is going well, ask him. Do not ever think that you know everything, especially the thought that the couple did not care. Better correcting this relationship together, what kind of relationship they want and how to make it work. If it still does not change anything, then leave.

You suffer physically and emotionally this applies to both men and women. If you always end up with wounds in the body and heart, go. You cannot constantly justify what is done by the couple. Do not stay with people who always look down and make you feel unsafe in their own homes. If he shows the attitude to change his attitude, then this shows hope. However, if this violence continues, it is time for you to leave the relationship.

antihero couplesIf you are not happy with the relationship being undertaken and are still confused whether to continue or not, think back to how much effort you have done so far. Is that all you get is comparable to that in this relationship? How much longer do you want to wait for something that is already clear answer?

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