7 Things Happen When You Single in Life


Being single is a tough situation for some people. Specifically, for someone who has been looking for a couple in their lives. So eager, even up envy at the sight of a friend who was dating cool. Or even, it is thought that having a partner can simplify all the existing problems of life.



7 Things Happen When You Single in Life

Ironically, despite dating have a situation full of drama and problems to be solved anyway, they still think it’s better than being single. If it happens to you, try to reflect on them When You Singles and think again if you are already doing 8 this!


Love yourself. Maybe you’ve heard this phrase. But trust me, love yourself is an important thing to do. You will be able to love others with sincerity when you already love yourself.

Find things that make you passion. Ask yourself about the things that make you feel happy. If you have free time in the afternoon, what makes you feel comfortable and remain productive? Sibukan yourself with positive things that can make you feel happy through the day When You Singles.


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Behenti nostalgic! Remembering the past about your ex is easy. Especially when it is a beautiful memory. However, stop remembering and thinking about all the possibilities that could happen if this time you’re still with him. Mind as it can make you more difficult to move on!

Do not idealize the figure ex. consciously or not, sometimes when there are other people who try approaching, you still often compare it with the former. Stop doing that! Everyone has the uniqueness of each. You also need to stop looking for someone who has similar properties to the former.


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Hangout with your friends! The best thing you can do is go have fun with your friends. Spent the weekend to watch the latest movies in theaters or go eat with your coworkers. You do not need to have an intention to find a soul mate mu in the middle of meeting together in such a friend! Because, when people began to frequent near you, maybe you can get someone’s attention that even you do unconsciously.


Discard jealousy. Jealousy is a natural thing. Especially when you’re best friend has a partner that fills the day when you men jumble. However, the next time the flavor was perched in your heart, ask what makes it come? Do you envy the situation of friends who have a spouse? Or do you already feel insecure?

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Begin to feel happy when you see your friend and girlfriend relationship is fine. Smile when you’re ex has found a lover who makes him happy. Happy is the good energy that can make you always think positive.

Your life still continues.  After a long time not in a relationship, you might think would be jomblo immortal or no hope. Stop thinking like that! Your life does not stop here! There are many things that will happen in your life, and there was a possibility you could be happy in the future.


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It’s OK to be single. So, jomblo is not a problem let alone condemnation. Better you happy enjoying your own time rather than feeling constantly sad about lovers who do not give the news. Get rid of the idea of “going to make you feel happy”

Enjoy every second, emotions and moments that happened to you. Sadness will make you understand how to bounce. Rasa happy will make you understand that life is fun!

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