7 Ways to Make Pokemon Go Become a Better Person


Pokemon re-explode after a childhood filled with names you Pikachu, now it is again repeated in a different way. Some time ago, there is a game called Pokemon Go application that makes everyone crazy play it anywhere. If you are one of those people who play Pokemon Go, have you ever asked yourself what is the benefit?



The following way of Pokemon Go can turn you into a better person

You Become more Exercise

Some people are lucky to find many PokeStop near where they live. However, for those who are less fortunate, then inevitably, you have to go out farther from your home to get Pokemon. Unconsciously, this makes your exercise more often than before.

Skin burns naturally

Yes, by exercising more, then automatically you will be darker skin due to exposure to sunlight. Knowingly or not, you do not need to sunbathe on the beach again to make the color of the skin becomes tanned.


You’ll see New Places

Sometimes, PokeStop located in places that are unexpected, maybe even a place he had never visited before. It’s fun, you’ll find new places.

You will Meet New People

Of course; you do not think that playing Pokemon Go is yourself. You’ll meet a lot of new people who are also a Pokemon Go player.

You’ll feel like a Kid Again

For some Pokemon Go is a game for kids, but it’s true. When playing PokemonGo, you’ll feel like a kid again.


Gets a Friend Dating

Who knew that by playing Pokemon Go, you’ll get a friend on a date? This may be more than what you can expect, but some people really feel it.

More often out of the House

Several studies have failed to find that the game PokemonGo can also make people who are hard to get out of the house becomes easier to do. In fact, they will always be outside the home without prompting.

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