8 Mistakes with Underwear are Definitely Ever Do


Underwear, or more specifically referred to as underwear, often worn with one leg first. But it turns out the wrong way.

8 Mistakes with Underwear are definitely Ever Do

According to Mariana Hernandez as the designer and owner of the label White Rabbit, there are some common mistakes many people. One of them may ever do in treating panties. Anything?



Wear underwear with a smaller size According to Mariana, most women used to buy panties with a smaller size than they should. In fact, no problem to wear your actual size, to avoid a silhouette of the skin because of panties that are too tight. How to Become Singapore Richest Country in World

Wear panties that does not correspond with the clothes Make sure that the panties that you choose is also in accordance with the outer garment worn. If you’re wearing a transparent dress, try to use underpants with a form that is not very visible to customize the look.

Wear panties with a messy stitching always buy panties with neutral colors, for a moment if it is visible, it is not too much of a concern. Or choose panties with neat stitching, where you will find a variety of stitches mess sticking out of your clothes.


Use pants with the appropriate material when entering the summer, make sure you buy cotton panties that does not trap heat.

Wear pants in white with white outerwear white color will actually make the contrast in the color of your skin, including when you are wearing white underwear with outerwear that is also white.   Instead of white, you should use the pants in beige or dark. Top 6 Secrets of Women Who Photogenic

Wear pants in light colors behind a dark-colored clothing when you wear a black dress with bra -colored nude, it still makes sense. However, never wear bright colors behind dark clothes you, especially when you’re going to implement a photo session, because the light flash will show the color of your underwear clearly.   You are advised to wear clothing in the dark while wearing dark or light colors when used clothing bright outside.


Wash the pants in the washing machine hot water, rotating machine, and detergent can damage the elasticity of your panties. Instead, wash by hand to prolong the life of your own underwear.

Save on buying lingerie if you are frugal and do not want to spend much money to buy underwear, usually will make you spend more money in the future. As more and cheap underwear, then the quality is increasingly unaccountable. Instead, you spend more money to buy some underwear that will last several years thereafter.

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