Some Amazing Benefits of Breast Massage

Breast milk (ASI) is the best nutrition that can be given the mother to the baby. Several studies have shown the benefits of breastfeeding as natural antibodies for the baby and meet all the needs of nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.


Some Amazing Benefits of Breast Massage

unfortunately, not all mothers have breastfed plentiful so they choose to seek donor milk can be given to the child. In fact, by providing direct breastfeeding strengthens the bond between mother and baby.


However, mothers need not worry because there are ways you can do to stimulate the milk production is abundant, by undergoing massage lactation. Practitioners massage milk from house Puspa, Yuli Mechanics says that massage milk may stimulate production of the hormone Oxycontin plays a role in making the milk into a heavy.

“Because when the breast massaging, glands ASI encouraged to express your milk so that the milk production can be plentiful.  Top 3 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

Even aside stimulates the production of breast milk, breast massage during pregnancy can also mermpermudah labor. According to Yuli, the production of the hormone Oxycontin stimulates the natural contraction to remove the fetus easier.
“But does breast massage should be done during pregnancy to 34 weeks, should not be too early because it can stimulate contractions. But if it’s cleaned up her breasts, could begin in months -7 pregnancies, “he added.

Yuli also explained, lactation massage can be done by women at home. He also explained some of the steps that must be done when the breast massage.

First, when going for massage lactation, the mother had to undress the top and find a comfortable sitting position. Then do not forget to close the back with a towel to avoid freezing. New Technology the Adored Simultaneously in Human Fear

stacks-image-bf67549-800x532“Wash your breast with warm water for 5-10 minutes with a rotating direction. Putting also cleaned using cotton, so that dead skin is wasted. So cotton is compressed in the nipple area for a few minutes,” added.

Then, Yuli added, massage the nipple areola slowly up and down, right and left as many as 5-6 times on each breast. Then place both hands between the two breasts and then sort sideways and downwards transversely to the hand supporting the breast.

Finally, the palm of the left hand shore up the left breast and the right forefinger pressed together to sort out the breast from top to bottom. Do the same for the right breast.


Should be done every day when taking a shower, But lactation massage should not be done when the inflammation,” he concluded.

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