All about Aston Martin DB11 You Need to Know


Aston Martin may not exotic car manufacturer that has a large market share such as Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini. Understandably, sentiments and egoism British brand made only lure for those who have a love of its own in the United Kingdom, very segment if. Since the first even manufacturer Aston Martin has never strived to calculate the quantity of circulation success of his company car.

Aston Martin DB11 You Need to Know


All about Aston Martin DB11 You Need to Know

But since Andy Palmer holds the seat of the monarchy in the Aston Martin, even this detail is included as duties, which makes Aston Martin to make money, from selling a model that could embrace more general market. This is where new strategies are used. How to Save Photos and Videos to the Google Drive.

They tried to mix a car with a new design concept, have a car like the essence of modernity mass, and more innovative. “We want to make the most beautiful car in the world. Aston Martin DB11 is the incorporation of elements such as what Aston Martin is supposed to work without blistered to ensure that this model could be a new breakthrough, “said Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer, Dr Andy Palmer, in its official release.

Tim Aston Martin believes, through DNA DB, they can start planning ‘second century’ which marks the beginning of a new strategy to invade the Aston Martin sports car segment of the world. According Car magazine UK, Aston Martin DB11 becomes a model Aston Martin’s first mass produced after more than a decade away. Recently they produce mass car is DB9 in 2003.

This makes the launch DB11 eventually become important. Even for Indonesia though. Like do not want to wait a long time, the Aston Martin Jakarta (AMJ) directly held a launch event DB11 , precisely August 24, 2016, is a 5 months of its launch in the world, at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Aston Martin DB11 You Need to Know

This moment seem rather sudden, but it was preplanned to be aligned with the celebration of the one year AMJ operating in the country. Although already launched and the Aston Martin enthusiast can order, but the new unit can be received at the beginning of 2017. The price in the UK called the start GBP 150 thousand, or about Rp 2.8 billion, this would not include taxes and other schemes to import them into the country,

Kami pun in mind, and perhaps you, raised many questions about the DB11. Here we describe and answer questions that arise when we meet face to face with the Aston Martin DB11.

Why Named DB11?

When the DB9 was introduced in 2003 to continue the breed DB7, DB8 they skipped phase. It’s nothing, the intention is to show that the DB9 doing much significant change.

But this time he called DB10 reason why not a little associated with the use DB10 models in the James Bond films. DB10 is built not on the ability of DB-series. Just take a typical design DB with character Grand Tourer then transformed from Vantage capabilities.

Aston Martin DB11 You Need to Know

Aston Martin tried to not mention the character of James Bond on the DB11 because did not want anyone to know Aston Martin DB11 as mounts typical of the fictional British spy. They want DB11 stronger than that. DB10 DB11 therefore it is not a concept that is mass produced. Aston Martin DB11 formulated with a new design that is far from the DB9 though, with the aim of opening the door Aston Martin to a wider audience.

Why Design Like This?

We had to recognize the translation of this design philosophy as the Lamborghini Huracan, when it tried to mix the successor of the Lamborghini Gallardo with a design that has a distinctive character Gallardo but continued to experience a total renewal with one major goal, improved aerodynamics.

Aston Martin DB11 You Need to Know

Yes, the whole design is based on aerodynamic exterior DB11 are qualified. All parts are called plays an important role for the wind flow with the barrier as low as possible. There are many vent embedded with a very neat and invisible yet functional aerodynamic guard for various sectors. For example cool the brakes, balancing weights, to provide down force. 15 Amazing Animals Cafe You Must Visit Here

What’s behind the Engine?

Not often Aston Martin gives the impressive engine like this. Unit 5.2 liter turbocharged V12. This machine developed by Aston Martin with a very specific purpose, making DB11 series DB strongest and most perfect ever they design.

Some of the specific development to make it more interesting machine was performed. Namely by applying idling stop by utilizing the bank activation to make the machine could die when stop and turn on automatically. Certainly not a new feature in the automotive world, as Mazda2 class cars can do it, but this is one of the Aston Martin efforts to improve efficiency and bring DB11 more easily embrace the market.

Aston Martin DB11 You Need to Know

This machine can be mentioned recorded a top speed of up to 322 km / h (if not restricted regulation) with acceleration of 0-100 in 3.9 seconds tempo. This figure is not the best for a car powered 600 PS, yet she is still a Grand Tourer, is not a pure sports car that promises ruthlessness conquers the track.

DB11 exhaust sound is one aspect of it. Mentioned in the release, despite using the turbo, but the rich and husky voice that can adjust depending on the driving conditions can provide a distinctive sensation sports car, mainly typical Aston Martin DB11.

Return to power, to deliver power to the rear wheels, used ZF gearbox. 8-speed automatic transmission is called will give you the sensation of driving the Aston Martin differently than Manual Transmission Automated systems are commonly used in other models of Aston Martin.

Why there is a Mercedes-Benz?

Aston Martin DB11 You Need to Know

The first panel is typically formatted analog instruments behind the steering wheel, this time onto a screen 12-inch TFT LCD. This technology is used Daimler AG on their cars like the S-Class, of course, with Mercedes format. Next is the 8-inch screen that is identical to all Mercedes-Benz cars. You Want Verified Twitter Account? Here’s How

One unfortunate thing is the key. The owner of Aston Martin knows well that the key belongs to the Aston Martin a way to turn it distinctive is the character that spawns its own sentiment for their owners. It is gone, replaced with a smart key that makes Aston Martin DB11 so impressed mediocre.

Aston  Martin DB11

Other systems are also pinned Mercedes-Benz is the parking assist. Yes, you certainly flatter this feature in sedan Mercedes-Benz . With the same parking guidance system, now makes it easy for owners to park in a position DB11 parallel or series.

So whether the car will continue the glory grand tourer Aston Martin before? Time will tell. Clear ‘capital’ is more than enough.

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