Most Beautiful Breasts in the World Contest


Imagine if all the beautiful breasted women gather in one event. Interesting views took place on a kontes held in Anhui, China.

This summer, the women all over the world gather to compete for the title as the most beautiful woman in the world with breast.

Most Beautiful Breasts in the World Contest,


Most Beautiful Breasts in the World Contest

They gathered at an event “The Cinals of the Sixth Annual International Breast Model Contest” held on Saturday in Hefei.

As reported shanghaies, this year’s contest is more luxurious and quality compared to the implementation of last year. This annual event takes the theme of the confidence and breast health.


Participants who enter this contest supposedly nothing original breasts. They have done a plastic surgery for those beautiful shapes as desired. Follow 3 Useful Tips for Cleaning of Your Penis

The winner of this year’s contest is very menegejutkan. She is a young mother who has had a child. Women are considered to have the most beautiful breasts compared to all the participants.


The winner this year is considered more dignified than last year, since 2015 and the winner is a woman who has had plastic surgery for her breasts.

Many residents who responded to pageant this most beautiful breast. One of the residents protested, saying he had not seen beautiful breasts altogether. He considers this just nonsense.


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