Which Bedroom Color Affect Sexual Behavior

Choose best bedroom color, because it is the most important part when you are managing the home and your bedroom. Not only the design, but you also have to pay attention to the functionality and comfort of the room selected paint color. Especially if you are use the room as a couple, not to spoil the harmony of your relationship. The bedroom colors have a connection with your personality. Both the nature and the way you look up the intensity of your sex and your partner.

Which Bedroom Color Affect Sexual Behavior

The following bedroom colors are best and worst to be an option in your bedroom.

1. Dark Brown Color

Bedroom Color Affect Sexual Behavior

The Dark Brown bedroom color is not recommended for couple because it is not convenient to use as the color of the room. You are using a dark brown color will feel isolated, uncomfortable and uneasy.

2. Dark gray Color

Bedroom Color Affect Sexual BehaviorDark gray is not a good color choice in your bedroom. This color makes gloomy atmosphere. You are the owner of a room with gray color will only spend time by shopping online from the start to fall asleep.

3. Chocolate Light Color


Bedroom Color Affect Sexual BehaviorLight brown is the color of romance to the bedroom. The couple who slept in a room with a caramel brown color will be passionate and often have sex up to three times a week.

4. Red Color

Bedroom Color Affect Sexual BehaviorDuring this time many people believe red is a romantic color to the room decor. It turned out that this thinking is not always true. The red bedroom color became the color even worst. As disclosed the results of the survey in the United States, you were in the red room sex only once a week.

5. White Color

Bedroom Color Affect Sexual BehaviorIf you have high work intensity and require overtime every day, choose white. The white bedroom color will make your spirit and can work in bed.

6. Gold Color

Bedroom Color Affect Sexual BehaviorPeople who choose to use gold color in the bedroom are usually the person who works in the field of finance such as stocks and banking. You are linking life with wealth and money.

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