Benefits of Singing in the Bathroom for Health

Here. You will find Benefits of Singing in the Bathroom, because singing offers many health benefits of physical, mental, even spiritual. Due to sound a tone is a process of releasing your inner energy that is locked.
When you sing in the shower, you do not have to worry about anyone who listens, errors lyrics, or criticizing your voice. Instead you can be yourself.

 Singing in the Bathroom


Benefits of Singing in the Bathroom for Health

1. Breathe oxygen

When you singing in the Bathroom, you tend to inhale more oxygen. Singing is also a good exercise for the muscles of the neck, throat, jaw, and face.

2. Train your abdominal muscles

With singing will involve the muscles around the stomach and ribs. It is an area which worked hard to manage the inflow and outflow of air.

 Singing in the Bathroom

3. Stimulate the larynx

With singing in the Bathroom will stimulate the larynx, which can minimize snoring during sleep, also prevents insomnia.


4. Stimulate Thyroid

Singing in the Bathroom can also stimulate your thyroid, thus indirectly affect metabolism.


5. Train motor

Methodically chanting songs can also change your motor skills. When I started learning to sing technically, you enjoy the benefits of the brain as well.

6. Pain killers

Singing in the Bathroom is also believed as a pain killer. With me membrane kab lyrics can soothe the soul, overcome grief and depression. Also can release pent up feelings, or emotional blockages in the heart.

 Singing in the Bathroom

7. Reduce mental disorder

Singing is good therapy for reducing your mental clutter, and eliminate stress.
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