Bored with Your Sex Life? 4 Ways to Make It


Boredom with everyday activities monotonous indeed sometimes comes, similarly, when you may feel bored with sex life with a partner. But do not worry, this is normal practice.

Bored with Your Sex Life? 4 Ways to Make It

“There is no normal barometer for sexual activity. If you feel depressed about it, maybe you have a problem,” said assistant professor of obstetrics, Dr Jan Shifren, at Harvard Medical School, Boston.

If you want to restore the passion in your sex life with a partner, the following solutions may help.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep and sex drive may seem like something opposite. But experts insist that adequate sleep is the number one aphrodisiac.



“It’s important to rest, even if it means you change the schedule for intimacy with a life partner on the other day,” says certified sex therapist, Suki Hanfling.


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“A good exercise can pump dopamine body and this will increase the levels of testosterone,” says an anthropologist at Rutgers University and author of Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love, Helen Fisher.

Go Shopping


“Try to spend a little money for yourself. Take time to discover what makes you come back excited to buy something you like,” said the author of Getting the Sex You Want: A Woman’s Guide to Becoming Pleased, Proud, and Passionate in Bed, Labium.

Be Patient


Be patient with your partner and yourself, trying to make things better. “Sex is like cooking. The end result can be tasty, but it is important to enjoy every process,” said Hanfling.

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