This Japanese artist Create flowers sheath of Pencil Shavings


When most people look at the rest of the pencil shavings is rubbish, not with the Japanese artist’s Haruka Misawa. It is only from the former pencil shavings; Haruka saw a work of art.



This Japanese artist Create flowers sheath of Pencil Shavings

Inspiration came began when Haruka is sharpening a pencil on one morning. Haruka see that any remaining pencil shavings were sharpened form a beautiful pattern and he decided to create the ingredients for a whole series of his work.


As reported by the, Haruka started the process of printing paper with a variety of color gradations. He then rolls each paper colorful until the meeting and is shaped like a pencil.


Not finished until there, Haruka take each stem colorful paper rolls are then menyerutnya with shavings pensil. One by one thin piece formed like flower petals with a variety of vivid colors and stunning.


Each petal is generated from the process penyerutan diameter of 15-40 mm and acknowledged Haruka is a unique masterpiece. The fruit of his work not only begirt left alone, but he is preserve it and upload it to your account instagram his private, so invite a lot of response positive.

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