6 Easy Tricks to Face Questions When is Marriage


Moment gathered together a large family when festival will soon arrive. Most people look forward to it because they think this is one of the best moments throughout the year.



6 Easy Tricks to Face Questions When is Marriage

However, there is one question that always disturbing when these large family gathering moments happen, when is marriage? Especially, for those who are single and do not yet have a potential mate.

Best Smile
Smile is the best answer to a difficult question to answer. So if you do not intend to answer that question, the smile alone is the answer diplomatically elegant.


Although impressed by the preamble, but the answer is actually very good. For, if indeed the questioner pray, the more people pray, the more likely the prayer was granted, is not it?

Inquire behind
this may be quite curt way in providing answers. Therefore, it would “strike back” the questioner. For example, people are asking is married but has no children, you can ask, “when to have children?”

Catapult Joke
Do not be upset when asked when the marriage. Because the often people ask when marriage is mainly the preamble only. They do not actually need a serious answer, then threw a joke also one attitude that you need to try. For example, “later when I married rush, a lot of broken hearts.”


Married fact not trivial, need serious preparations to make it happen. It would not hurt you to advise the questioner though the goal is pleasantries, but to say was that getting married is something sacred that needs proper preparation.

Answer wise
Before a family gathering moments come, we recommend that you prepare as many words of wisdom about marriage. For example, “marriage is not about competing, not precede each other, because then if the match has come too sure all going to get married. All human beings are created in pairs, tape not all were quickly met with a partner

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