6 Equipment that Need to Every Car Owner


Starting from doing car maintenance so good prime condition to implement pretreatment homecoming held by in authorized workshops or employment checks you can do yourself. After that, the other aspect is to maximize luggage was taken and now, TopWorldFact will review the supporting comfort in the cabin.

Traveled far and congested road conditions definitely make you and your passengers do not feel at home in the car. Well, in order to get around this, we have prepared some things to support the comfort during homecoming.

6 Equipment that Need to Every Car Owner
6 Equipment that Need to Every Car Owner

so what is classified as supporting the cabin comfort? Here’s the explanation.

Tinted Window

The first is window film that Need to Every Car Owner. Although it may sound trivial, but the appliance intangible duty plastic film that reduce solar heat that enters the cabin while traveling in daylight and could help optimize the coolness of the air conditioner. This is because the layer of the film has the ability to reject heat from the sun or Infra Red Rejection. The greater the percentage of the number, the better the damping means heat.

Equipments that Need to Every Car OwnerSo if you already feel the cabin hot, it is better to replace or install window film. It should be noted also that the dark window film does not guarantee better coolness. Because the model of dark window film can be reduce the quality of the view when driving at night or when low lighting.

Seat / Seat Leather Gloves

Clean lines of the cabins, including one of the supporting factors of comfort. Well, in order to avoid the upholstery becomes dirty or dusty, It would be wise, to coat with seat upholstery or patent leather or synthetic versions. Yes, because most car seat still apply congenital type of velvet or fabric. Another advantage with this layer is the ease of cleaning when exposed to liquids or food crumbs, simply by using a damp cloth.

Equipments that Need to Every Car OwnerAs a few tips for you that will install upholstery or leather upholstery, make sure the colors are not too bright so fast not dirty and its durability. Meanwhile, if already wearing it, then the treatment can apply a special fluid in the market in order to keep the quality.

Car Deodorizer

After the solar heat absorbs and comfort of the seating, the next is a fragrance in the car. Provides sensation to relax, relieve stress and disguising the unpleasant smell is some function of the car deodorizer. There are at least two materials commonly used, namely natural and artificial fragrances. For that kind of experience, you can use a powder or coffee beans, tea leaves or pendants leaves. The surplus is the intensity of the fragrance is soft and economical.

Equipment that Need to Every Car OwnerMeanwhile, artificial fragrances, there is a liquid, solid beam, gel until the sheet of paper. Interestingly, this type of fragrance has a lot of aroma and attractive shape design, so that is also Need to Every Car Owner.

Rear Seat Entertainment

What is meant here is an entertainment device for the second and third row passengers. Where boredom for infecting more dominant in these areas especially when stuck in the traffic. The concept can pair the monitor screen in the ceiling of the car or behind the driver’s seat headrests and front passenger.

Equipment that Need to Every Car OwnerFor some types of cars with high prices, usually these devices has become a standard because that is need to every car owner, so you stay bring a CD or USB contains the movie. But, if not already fitted, you can install it as an additional accessory. Oh yes, for going home with the kids, entertainment as it could zap them to settle for the road, so you can drive with more concentration, so it is Equipment that Need to Every Car Owner.

GPS in Car

The Global Positioning System is a continuation of the GPS device. Its function is to show the direction of interest, information speed of the car up to the location of the focal point (POI). Currently there are many brands in the market and the range of the price is quite competitive. As well as several car models, has been embedding with the head unit.

Equipment that Need to Every Car OwnerWhy go into aspects of cabin comfort? Because you can know the exact path without the need for complicated open or close the book on the big map. Practical simply by entering the destination address and follow the prescribed route. When you need a break, the restaurant or the General Fuel Filling Stations (Gas Station), you can get information through the symbols that appear along the way. It should be added, too, that the Smartphone is now also function as a GPS via Google Map app or by eating the quota when turned on and depend on the quality of the network.

Cooler Bag / Portable

Breaking with the sweet drinks and cold were pleasuring him after observing a day of fasting. Well, to get them when going home, you can count on bag or a portable cooler. As the name implies, its function is to maintain the temperature of the drink in it stays cool and does not require any hail transformed into water when liquid.

Equipment that Need to Every Car OwnerThe difference between the bag and the portable is on how to work and shape. For cooler bag, it looks like the bag and inside is coated with aluminum sheets. In order to maximize cooling, can be added with gel ice or ice packs. Meanwhile, portable Cooler shaped hard case complemented by a cooling fan. As a supplier of electricity for cooling, the device is equipped with a connecting cable to the car cigarette lighter.

Car Organizer

Easily find small items and arranging them neatly, also included in the list of need to every car owner. Can you imagine if the goods are falling apart and put out of place. The first occurred is difficult to get it when it’s needed and subsequent eyes like seeing ‘wardrobe irregular’.

Equipment that Need to Every Car OwnerTo fix this, you simply use the Car Organizer. Noted there are two common models marketed that are hanging in the back seat of the first row, otherwise known as car seat organizer and integrated with the sun visor. The goods are usually placed here as tissue, reading materials, snacks, drinks, glasses, bank power up gadgets.

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