5 Real Facts of Love According to Scientists


Could say, love is one of the greatest mysteries in life. Because of this feeling of people can be happy or sad outstanding. No wonder that then necessarily be so many people discuss about the meaning of love and influence in life, including scientists.

5 Real Facts of Love According to Scientists

TopWorldFact post, the following is the scientific evidence about the meaning of love and influence in life that you should know.

Love and hate is thin


sentence is often a joke when you’re hate someone. In fact according to scientists, the neural circuits in the brain that are responsible for the hatred also serve to romantic feelings. It means love and hate is not far apart.

Love made ‘blind’

Facts of Love According to ScientistsThis is very interesting Facts of Love, Not in the literal sense. Love can only suppress the activity in brain regions that control critical mind. When people are in love there are changes in brain activity that suppress the negative into a positive assessment. So do not be surprised if suddenly friend date a man who, according to you, are not suitable for her.

Love makes people jealous

Facts of Love According to ScientistsAccording to evolutionary scientists about Facts of Love; jealousy between men and women has been around a long time. Initially this was due to fears of men to be betrayed, and women’s concerns are ignored materially. Unfortunately, the same scientists think that humans did not originally have the ability to monogamous.

Love makes fools

Facts of Love According to ScientistsAccording to the results of the brain scan taken by the scientists, a brain region important for assessment known as the frontal cortex shut when people are in love. Scientists use MRI scanner and found the frontal cortex shut down when someone is shown a picture of people who are in love with. Perhaps this is what makes people fall in love sometimes do not make sense. These things look like an interesting Facts of Love.

Love all that time nobody

Facts of Love According to ScientistsDo not be fooled by the songs and romantic novels. According to psychologist Barbara Fredrickson, love is not something eternal because love is really just a combination of small moments that resonate positively. So, when these small moments missing, or the effect ends, so does love you.

However, that does not mean you will suddenly wake up one morning and hated couple sleeping beside you. According to Fredrick son, a sense of comfort and security that is usually created from a longstanding relationship can last a lifetime. So the chance to live happily ever after as a couple is still there, but not with a sense of the ardent love that you feels first.

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