10 Famous People Who Similar with Disney Cartoon Characters


Maybe you’ve heard that people in the real world has a face similar to favorite Disney Cartoon characters. However, it is not just a mere issue, in fact there are people who look like cartoon characters.

10 Famous People Who Similar with Disney Cartoon Characters

Investigate, the cartoon character animators are usually deliberately mimicking some people in the world face her and polished in such a manner into an animated character. However, there are also who created the cartoon character without any decision based on the face of someone who turned out in the real world, there are people who looked like a character created by the animators. Starting from wrestlers, artists to politicians, the figure below was similar to some of the characters Disney, who are they?

John Cena



John Cena and Mater wrestlers from the United States in dapuk has similarities with one of the characters in the movie Cars was named Mater. Her eyes were glazed and his square chin affirms resemblance John Cena with Mater.

Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa Hudgens and Nala singer flawless and petite is synonymous with his eyes sharp. As a result, it is often linked with one of the characters named Nala who played in the movie The Lion King. He also looks similar to Pocahontas.
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Chris Farley


Chris Farley and Flounder In her country, the United States, Chris Farley was known as a round-faced comedian and a big smile, he was well known in Beverly Hills Ninja. While in the Disney movie, Chris is more akin to Flounder, yellow fish with blue fin in the movie The Little Mermaid.

Jeb Bush


Jeb Bush and Piglet Jeb Bush and Piglet (Pooh characters in the film pork) adaah two real and fictional characters that have similarities in terms of their faces as they both have a face that looks pitifully. Keep in mind, Jeb Bush is the US president a candidate who died while facing Trump.

Colin Mochrie


Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles and Cogsworth and Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast, there are two characters inanimate objects are made to live like humans can speak and have feet and hands, Cogsworth the clock and Lumiere life of the candle. Who think the two characters was similar to the Canadian comedian duo Colin Mochrie with a round face and Ryan Stiles with face and body hierarchically.

Rico Rodriguez


Rico Rodriguez and Russell ‘Up’ Who would have thought, adorable character who likes to make annoyed with jargonnya “Hello, Mr. Fredricksen” turns out to have a twin in the real world. Rico Rodriguez is an actor who plays a small role in the movie Modern Family.

Lorde and Mother Gothel


Lorde and Mother Gothel With curls and thick and covered most of his face plus a keen eye spotlight. Lorde, international singer who comes from New Zealand has lined up to have a resemblance to one of the characters in the movie Brave antagonist that Gothel.

Ty Burrel


Ty Burrel and Olaf Characters cute, adorable, iconic saju made from a carrot nose, make the desired character olaf anyone in the real world. And, the character olaf also exists in the real world, i.e. Ty Burrel an actor in the series Modern Family. He is said to have similarities with the olaf her warm smile and face oval structure.

Weird Al


Weird Al’ and Tarzan Weird Al or Alfred Matthew Yankovic is seoran musician with long hair who likes to make a song parody. He was selected as the person who emmiliki resemblance to the Disney character Tarzan. Her expression is hilarious and jaw taper increasingly stressed the similarities.

Harry Styles


Harry Styles and Baby Tarzan If the figure of Weird Al is known as the adult Tarzan, then Harry Styles, one of the members of One Direction, being a little Tarzan. Yep, Harry that he is often called upon as a baby face by Styles (fans call for Harry Styles) makes it suitable seen as a Baby.

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