Five Successful Element design made history in the Automotive World


For the car manufacturers, the design is not just skin wrapping machines and cabins that make up the composition of the car. Design is a representation of the identity of the model car designed in such a way by a team of engineers and designers.

Five Successful Element design made history in the Automotive World

The goal to make the car not only a function of transport, but also product marketing unsightly public eye too if lucky, in the category of art.


Since Karl Benz began producing cars which bounded function, manufacturers gradually began to develop a car design that helped serve as a fashion fabric capable of answering the tastes of the consumer. But it was certainly not easy.
Great for manufacturers who succeed, some ornaments of them successful car designs transcend time and become the iconic symbol. While unfortunate, the design of the vehicle will be cracked by age. Jalopnik released 10 design elements on the car that managed to make history in the world automotive industry.
However, since Indonesia certainly has a different market and segmentation, we also so ask into 5 only.

Here are five elements of successful design made history and became a legend in the automotive world


The manufacturer has a variety of ways to describe their identity and originality. The goal is none other than showing them through presentations kedigayaan ego. The most common way is to make a design language that is applied in all models. But there is a more selfish again other than simply applying grooves and accents can be different application, namely the emblem.

RREmblem or logo either shaped ornament or emblem statue is the most global language and simplest way to describe the identity of each brand. Anyone who knows the automotive, surely it would be easy to detect that the propeller logo of blue and white with black ring belonging to BMW. Three-legged star is a symbol of Mercedes-Benz, and four circles certainly describe Audi.
Even with the symbols of a statue on the hood, when he saw the spirit of ecstasy, they would know that the car is a Rolls Royce, even when the Prancing Horse emblem, well, only Ferrari who use it, but of course, the racetrack.

Rear lights Corvette

Two pairs of round red light at the stern. Maybe in Indonesia we knew lay on two types of cars, the Chevrolet Corvette and the Ferrari 348. However, the actual lamp has been used since decades ago, and always in use today by the American manufacturer, Chevrolet’s Corvette models. In contrast to Ferrari that only use it for certain models only.

Corvette-tailDescribed by Jalopnik, the designers are designing always Corvette whenever requested by principal to give the impression that impressive at the stern. Because, parts engineering engineers had been asked by the principal to make another car only able to see the stern. Alias, make Corvette firmer and more toned down from generation to generation. safety guard features, Therefore it is necessary to show that memorable message when the car that collided quickly left behind and could only see the hallmark of the Corvette, two pairs of round red lights.
If you do not already know, the purpose circular shape red phosphorescent light is represented exhaust fighter jets that emit red fire during takeoff.


Year 1950-1960s, is the era in which the world community is invited to dream across the sky the limit, that is, toward outer space. Shape of the rocket with fins magnitude is that many of the industry when it is affected, including the automotive industry. Certainly not apply in engine technology to replace the internal combustion cylinder unit with a rocket engine, but to give a touch of design on the body.

FinSo do not be surprised if you see in movies 50-60s years, many cars with fins at the stern. Many who have called tailfin. Usually it is located above the rear lights. The function of aerodynamics, of course not occurred to the designers at the time. It’s just a gimmick, sweeteners, and the markers that follow the design of this car is the trend at the time.

Bumper Dagmar

Before the tailfin era flared up in the era where many rocket blasted off into space, there are times where war rages across the globe. Precisely in the early 1950s, after the 2nd world war. Narcissism against military forces that won the war, make some American manufacturers then create vehicle designs which have a military element. Not by the color of camouflage, and neither the masculine SUV, but with bumper accented rocket launcher weapon in front of him.

DagmarYes, the metal bumper has a section protruding like a rocket projectile stun tank. This designs had come to Indonesia through Chevrolet cars of that era used the top class in the country. The author himself had met with Chevrolet Bel Air 1952 restoration results that are still using the Dagmar bumper in a classic car exhibition Indonesia.

Silhouettes 911

Anyone who felt it was quite familiar with the automotive world, may still have to figure out what the car in front of him when he was found on the side of the BMW 5-series or Mercedes-Benz S-Class . They definitely need time to know the model of what is in front of him, whether the S-Class or E-Class, whether 5-series or maybe 3-series.
But not so with the silhouette of a hand belonging to the Porsche 911. Nothing would be wrong to call it a 911. Pull the line so typical. Nobody dared to imitate it. Even when Mercedes-Benz released the Mercedes-AMG G T ‘s latest, it is still called cheating Porsche 911 design.

PorscheDesign with horizontal spout, and then meet the elbow on the pillars A. From the top of the A-pillar, the design lines drawn directly leaned toward the stern creates a very distinctive groove, and it is not difficult to guess by anyone, that this is 911.
Although it has entered into future generations and change the design significantly, but the silhouettes belonging to 911 remain in place well on all 911 series to date.

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