Follow 3 Useful Tips for Cleaning of Your Penis


As a sex organ, the p requires extra care. Just as Miss V, Mr P also should be protected and kept clean. Because the various types of bacteria can easily spread and proliferate in the penis if he does not clean it properly.

Follow 3 Useful Tips for Cleaning of Your Penis

so how do I clean the my p to the right? Here’s his review as reported from Ayurvediccure.



1. Using warm water
Rinse and clean the penis with warm water. This can be done one to two times a day. Make sure you clean the penis regularly, especially at the tip of the penis that can cause a buildup of dirt on Mr P.  10 Most Controversial Film Poster Banned All Time

2. Do not use soap excessive
For health, use enough soap when cleaning Mr P. Using Excessive soap can cause the area around the penis sore and ached. Meanwhile, if you experience skin irritation, you should choose a mild soap.


3. Do not uses fragrances
are not recommend spraying fragrances around Mr P. From perfume to deodorant. This will cause irritation and other skin problems.

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