How to Play Pokemon Go for Beginners


You still do not know how to play Pokemon Go? Don’t worry! Compiled from various sources, the TopWorldFact present the articles on how to play PokemonGo for beginners.

How to Play Pokemon Go for Beginners

After reading this article, guaranteed, you can catch a lot of Pokemon Go! But, there are a prerequisite, you must read this article carefully. Without further ado, welcome to listen to this article!


How to Play Pokemon Go for Beginners: Basic

The first is to choose the gender and appearance trainer in this gym. Afterwards, you will be asked to choose one of three Pokemon companion (starter) that Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. Then, after selecting and capturing Pokemon first, the real adventure begins. Armed with a map (Google Maps-based) and GPS on a smartphone, you’ll find some of the landmarks that represent PokeStops and Gyms.


Because of location-based games, Gym PokeStop and can only be accessed when you close the site. The difference, Gym can only be accessed when the level of trainer you have reached level 5. Then you where you can find a Pokemon? If you pay attention to the map closely, you’ll see the grass or bushes move. As you move toward the bush, a Pokemon will appear to be arrested. If you look at the bottom right of the screen smartphone, you’ll find a feature nearby providing information Pokemon anything that is near you. If you notice, every Pokemon will provide information remotely close they are with the number of footprints under the Pokemon. If there is no trace, they were close, while the three footprints mean that they are far enough apart.

How to Play Pokemon Go for Beginners: Capturing Pokemon

In Pokemon Go, you do not need the help of Pokemon do you have to undercut the wild Pokemon you find. To make it more challenging, the percentage of success of Pokemon is you going to catch determined by several factors.


One such factor is the level of CP (combat points) Pokemon who want to be caught, the type of Poké Ball used, and how to throw a Poke Ball. The best way to catch a Pokemon is always positioned Pokemon in the middle of the screen smartphone. You should also notice the circle that appears in Pokemon body. When the ring is smaller than the other ring, it is a good time for you throw a Poke Ball. The location will be the deciding factor type Pokemon will you find and catch. For example, the water type Pokémon will more likely you find near the beach, time, or lake.

How to Play Pokemon Go for Beginners: Elements of Pokemon


After catching Pokemon, you can see the details of what they can do. CP will determine how good or strong they are during the fight. The higher the CP owned, the better they were during the fight.

How to Play Pokemon Go for Beginners: Raise Level and Evolution

Just like in previous Pokemon games, you can increase the level of your Pokemon. To do this, you should use Pokemon Stardust and Candy was obtained when capturing Pokemon.

048516500_1468228622-pokemon-go-04How to Play Pokemon Go for Beginners – System evolution. Evolution in Pokemon Go system you can access via the Pokedex. Not as easy as it increases the level of Pokemon, Pokemon will dievolusi go through several stages and time.

How to Play Pokemon Go for Beginners: PokeStop and Gym

PokeStop is a place where you can get a variety of items ranging from Poke Ball, eggs, potions , until stones revive (which can be used to generate Pokemon who were killed during the fight). As the name suggests, Gym can only be accessed when you arrive at level 5 and after you chose to join in a team of Red, Blue, or Yellow.

030294600_1468228678-pokemon-go-06How to Play Pokemon Go for Beginners – Egg in Pokémon. The gym is empty, you can choose a Pokemon that exist to keep the Gym or “menitip” Pokemon you milliki Gym to your team members. As Poke Stops, Gym can be found in various locations of the world.

How to Play Pokemon Go for Beginners: Eggs

Aside from getting a Poke Ball, potions, and stone revive, you will also get an egg when visited Poke Stop. Just like in the real world, the eggs obtained tetaskan you can use items such as an incubator.


How to Play Pokemon Go for Beginners – PokeStop and Gym Yuslian son

Instead of using the time to incubate the eggs were incubated, Niantic chose the distance to be used as a method of hatching eggs in Pokemon Go. The farther it takes the eggs hatch, the more rare  (rare) also Pokemon that will emerge from the egg.

How to Play Pokemon Go for Beginners: Item


Games such as mobile more, Pokemon Go also feature displays micro transaction to buy Poke Dollars. Poke Dollars will be used to purchase a variety of items that can allow you to play Pokemon Go.

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