Important Tips For How to Sell Your Used Car


Selling your used car is not as difficult as you think. But of course require some strategic steps for how to sell your used car at the appropriate price. If you are new on sale, this will be a new experience – sometimes we have to play two roles, namely bad cop and good cop. Each year hundreds of thousands of used cars sold and purchased – sold at incredible prices and some losers. Taking the essence of our in-depth knowledge of the automotive market in Indonesia and the advice of the used car business.

Important Tips For How to Sell Your Used Car

We present to you a guide about how to sell your used car, that is simple and easy which makes selling used cars you a game.

Do Your Homework:



When you face a difficult test and complex, do not spend hours to think about the right steps. It is just like a car, in the end is to find the right owner. To master sales exam, you should carefully and thoroughly follow every step that resulted in sales, to ensure you promote your car properly.

Satisfy Your Car With Some Beauty Care:

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The first and most important is to make your car look millions of dollars, Maintaining Car Shine. Even if you have to use your car in a long time, it is important to menyervisnya first before selling the car. Even if it makes you spend more, money that will guarantee abundant profits later. Make sure your car is in good condition inside and out. Not only should your car looks cool, but also has a good performance too. The appropriate services will ensure your car’s performance will be good, open the door to potential buyers.

Sell your Car Yourself:


Sell your used car through a dealer or broker is of course easier and save you time – but it also means reducing your part. Strongly recommended to sell your own car. You know the best from your car, from every minute detail to the tricks to improve performance. You can also sell your used car on Online, simply by filling in all the details and potential buyers will contact you. All of this is free of charge.

Price Compatible:


Before going with a used car, you need to know a little about the market. This helps you to give a suitable price for your car, but it is also a description of the sales process and the best place to sell your car. You can also do a search online for the same car brand and visit the showroom or the nearest dealer to obtain the list price. We advise you to raise the price a little bit, to help you in the process of bargaining at a later date. Make sure you give a reasonable price, not too low or tingga as this will restrict your customers.

Do not Jump To Decide:


If you decide to sell your used car, the first buyers arrive, you discuss and decide the car at the desired price and Hallelujah! But wait, does this offer looks very good but do not directly decide on the first buyers knocking on your door. Try to get another price on your car and then just decide which one will you proceed.

Documents Must-have:

Before Sell Your Used Car or posting online, always make sure you have all the relevant information. That is the first thing that all buyers will ask. Year & Time Production / Register.Registration city. Number owners. Type of Insurance (comprehensive / third person), History of the Car Service. Varian / Level Trim. KMS covered. Accessories attached. The reason for selling. Colour (interior & exterior). Even when you post your car online, be sure to mention all the information, it will increase the interest of the buyer.

It’s show time:


It’s time to sell your used car, you’ve done your homework, gather information, pamper your car and set their prices accordingly. Now it was time to get to the battlefield and sell your car at the perfect buyer with a price accordingly. Its time to sell your car, you have done all your homework, Gathered all information, pampered Also your car and set the rice price. Now its time to get on the battlefield and sell your car to the perfect buyer at the right price.

Sale Where:


In the past are the days where you just can promote your car through newspaper advertisements are expensive or word of mouth. Nowadays, thanks to the internet you can advertise your car in various websites, social media, forums and more cars. In addition terujicoba and tested methods in promoting your car is through word of mouth. But if you want to reach the number of buyers that much, go online. The trick is easy, free, fast and also have a broad scope. Various online sites have the option to sell the car for free. Staying put your advertising and consumers will come to contact you.

Interaction with Buyers:


Once advertise and promote your car, many buyers will contact you. Some are just going to spend your time, do not waste your time with them. When you find the right buyer, people are really interested in your car, straight talk and give all the details. Do not rush to sell your used car, sleeping with the price and continue. Also do not let the buyers to test-drive your car alone, always make sure there is a representative to accompany him. If the buyer requested that your car checked by montir- do it – but make sure it all happens with your presence. Lastly, after the agreement is done, be sure to receive the money before handing your car, if the buyer needs time to arrange finances, specify a date before.

Payment and Documentation:


Once you make an agreement, agree on the price, it’s time to sell your used car, but not before the payment is completed. Do not even send your car before receiving full payment. If the buyer wants to pay the mortgage – should never agree. If the buyer wants to pay by check or demand draft, wait until everything is clear and you get the car in your account. Many scams going on lately, do not fall prey to them. Besides selling a car requires a lot of documentation, moving hands-on ownership, valid written statement signed by both parties and must be equipped at the time of sale. You can find all documents necessary in the official vehicle department office.

By following these steps, you can ensure your car is sold at the right price and get great benefits. Happy Selling!

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