How to Wash Underwear in the Right Way


All health comes from healthy living; one example is to wash everything we wear, especially on clothes. For a woman who desperately needed clothing is the level of cleanliness, underwear. Panties, brassiere (bra), tights (pantyhose) are the main needs of these women will help a woman to feel comfort when put through his daily activities.
When clothes are used all day, then that’s when we need to wash away all the dirt that has stuck.
But in washing some clothes in these often seem trivial and easy, because of their smaller size and ease when washing up to dry.

Underwear on clothesline


How to Wash Underwear in the Right Way

In addition, most women do not wash in a proper way, and even many women tend to wear underwear like bras and stockings for days and only wash them when they found a trace of dirt or smell dirty, and it is very dangerous to the health of Miss V the woman. Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Cupcakes Recipe

According to the doctors, washing clothes in a way that has no adverse health consequences Miss V. Section, tights or stockings derived from synthetic materials similar spandex and nylon. This type of fabric does have a warm nature that is high on our bodies, but if used for too long will cause kelemababan – especially if the washing is not properly can grow bacteria that attaches to the body.

Radhika Rible a doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Los Angeles said, “The factors that can cause a woman infected with UTIs or Urinary Tract Infection when they use a similar underwear tights (pantyhose) without coated cotton underneath”.


It occurs when the sweat contained in the body for a long time causes the growth of bacteria exist in a high scale and excessive, and it can lead to infection because the humid air in the area of the vagina or on the skin area around the lead to infection UTI or growth acne on the area Miss V. 8 Mistakes with Underwear are Definitely Ever Do

How to wash correctly

To avoid this, Jenny Altman a lingerie expert and CEO of one page of the New Jersey-USA, offers some tips to maintain a healthy vagina with;

1. Wash your clothes in a way to avoid washing clothes in with other clothes that have different types of materials.

2. Separating the underwear such as panties, bra and tights (pantyhose) with each group, and then washed.

3. After washing, during the process of drying to avoid drying clothes in the dryer on the washing machine. Drying clothes in this can be done by hanging clothes on and leave to dry.

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