Interesting Facts about New Born Baby You Need to Know


Towards the birth of your baby, you may already be taking classes parenting and had read some books on how to take care of your first baby. But in fact, there are still many who are overwhelmed taking care of the little one.

Interesting Facts about New Born Baby You Need to Know


“Unfortunately, many new parents are still not informed about important topics related to health,” said a parent advisor, and author of  Abby 411: Clear Answers & Smart Advice For Your Baby’s First Year, Ari Brown, MD.

Here are some things you need to know about the new born baby

Babies often woke up After the First 48 hours

xbirth_stories_water_baby.jpg,q1443006300.pagespeed.ic.mBgCnrCJGpWhile still in the hospital, the baby usually always sleeping, “After giving birth, you are probably going to come home after 48 hours. After being in the house, the baby will suddenly woke up because I realized he was outside the womb, and he will feel very hungry, “said Brown.
Often it is surprising for new parents, because while in the hospital the baby was very quiet, but when it came home, suddenly the baby is often awake and waking.

Breastfeeding is Not Always three Hours

breastfeeding01.19877You’ve probably heard that babies should eat about eight times in 24 hours. In fact, it is not like that, better breastfeed your new born baby whenever he felt hungry.

It’s Okay Slightly Yellowed Skin
“All the new born baby skin may be slightly yellow about three to four days early in life, but this is normal,” said Brown.

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This skin change, said Brown, usually began to disappear after the initiation of breastfeeding. But that should be a concern is when the baby’s skin is significantly yellow in one to the first two days of his life, you need to immediately take him to the doctor.

The Baby will be Active at Night

bringing-home-twinsNew born baby tend to be very sleepy during the day and often awake at night. “Babies do not make melatonin in the first four weeks of his life that he did not have circadian rhythms and often more awake at night,” said Brown.
When your baby wakes up at night, try to keep the room as dark as possible, but you can still see the diaper and feed him.

Your New Born Baby Will be a Lot of Sneezing and Hiccups

newborn_cryingLittle baby sneeze is very cute, but it will also make you worry if it turns out he has an allergy.
“Babies do not know how to blow his nose and they still have the amniotic fluid in it. So you need to clean it up,” he said.
As for the hiccups, the baby had been hiccups since he was in the womb so it is likely he will often hiccup when it was born. “Babies are very easily stimulated. This causes a small cramp in the diaphragm and makes it a hiccup, “he said.

Chapter Liquid in the First Day

IMG_6695CBBM2-650x433“Many nursing mothers think that when the baby defecation (BAB) as a liquid for the first time, he had diarrhea. Whereas it should be juicy, “says pediatrician and author of  Dad to Dad: Parenting Like a Pro, David L. Hill, MD
You will also see a change in the baby’s stool, starting from black, brown, green, and then yellow.

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