Interesting Facts about Penis You Don’t Know


As we (men) are all proud of this ownership Penis, but sometimes we are apparently not really know all or much about it. We often debated whether important or not size Mister P and know that a small package can be present at this crucial right to make a baby and memorable time with her, but now is the time to get information.

Here are 10 things you may not know about Mister Penis.

Interesting Facts about Penis You Don’t Know



1. There is a right way to measure – no cheating allowed!

The correct way to measure the penis (for accurate length) is to use a ruler or tape measure at the top, from the tip of the penis to the pubic bone, at the base.

2. People really compare penis into money dollar

There is a smart way to compare penis for dollar bills, if you’re lazy or do not want to take a measuring tape. If the man you have an average penis, the length is likely to be smaller than the dollar, which had a size of 6 1/8 inches (15.6 cm). If Mister P its lead at the end of the word “ONE” on the front he size of 5 inches (12.7 cm). If the lead on the first words “An” in America, he was a 4-inch (10 cm). So, maybe we may never see the same dollar is not it?


3. The average length of Mister P is not as big as they say

You know you should not care, but because you may be wondering, according to a study conducted in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the average size of Mister P (erection) was 5.6 inches long (14.2 cm) and a circumference of 4.8 inches (12.1 cm).

4. The majority of men liar

Only 15 percent of men have a Mister P more than 7 inches (about 17.78 cm), and only 3 per cent more than 8 inches (about 20.32 cm). But that does not mean that large-sized Mister P does not exist, because it really existed.

5. Largest and smallest size ever recorded Mister P is quite impressive size


Mister P smallest human ever recorded was 5/8 inches;the largest was 13.5 inches (about 34.29 cm). (Penis blue whales, however, the average is in the 8 to 10 feet long and 1 foot to its diameter)

6. Mister P small are not considered a medical problem.Sorry!

The size of Mister P is not a medical problem but shorter than 1 1/2 inches when flaccid (about 3.81 cm) and 3 inches (about 7.62 cm) when erect. No surgery for surgery to enlarge, but claimed drug and painful recovery.

7. Anu larger gay men (yes, it’s a fact)

Turns Mister P belongs gay men are, on average, one-third inches longer than the size of a normal man Mister P. It is said that this is a sign of intelligent design as well as the mouth of a man, who on average larger than females

8. There are ways to make Mister P you look bigger

The best way to increase the size of Mister P is to lose belly fat. Reasonable!

9. The key to knowing how big Mister P male is probably in her


Researchers at GA chon University in Korea found that the difference in length between the ring finger (ring finger) and index finger length Mister P men showed the man. So, if the ring finger is shorter than the index finger, the greater the size of Mister P him.

10. Scientists spend a lot of time to learn how we can know how much Mister P male without seeing

Scientists have been trying to connect the male penis size with a number of measures in a man’s body, such as fingers, feet, nose, thumb, up to the ears. One study even looked for a relationship between flat buttocks and penis length; they found this to be the case that has been studied in men in Nigeria.But scientists then determine the reverse may be true.

It means we can go back to wearing tight pants, but they may be wearing penis gourds or codpieces (as in the Renaissance and the 15th century to the 16th).

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