This is the Lego version of Popular Cars in the World


Fill the time during the long vacation with creative activities that can be done in many ways and one of them is to build a car. But we mean here is not a real car, but the product range of the Lego Group. Yes, toy manufacturer from Denmark shaped assemblies have apparently been juggling several Popular Car models ranging from automotive brand from Europe to the American continent so it is very exciting to be built and collected.



This is the Lego version of Popular Cars in the World

Ferrari F40

Who does not know the country of origin of red supercar berkelir this Pasta? Yes, Ferrari F40 supercar legend made in 1987 and 1992. Though built over 1,158 Lego components, but still managed to make Lego Creator flavors like the real version. Toy car, which was launched in 2015, is implementing a dynamic body lines, big spoiler, alloy wheels 5 bolt, rear bumper plus typical exhaust position in the middle and headlights style ‘pop-up’.

Ferrari-F40In fact, pulling at the doors, trunk plus the hood can be opened and you can find a pair of sporty seats, steering wheel with the prancing horse emblem, storage room in the front area and depot personnel V8 Twin Turbocharged.

Mini Cooper Mk VII

Not only Ferrari, but the car more popular edition translated by Lego Creator is the Mini Cooper MkVII. Where this is the last generation of the Mini before changing his appearance as we find them today. Varian Great Britain brand, which was launched in 1996, was marketed by Lego in 2014 involving 1,077 components.

Mini-CooperBroadly speaking, it looks like a stylish design have in common two doors, headlights and fog lights are round and white strip line. Meanwhile, in the interior, the dashboard looks typical Mini with front seats that can be folded plus a removable roof. Because identical to the picnic car, Lego also includes accessories basketball basket in the trunk plus storage space underneath the spare tire area.

LA Ferrari

If you dream to have a hybrid supercar from Italy coded F150 or may not be assigned to the unit because it is limited to only 499 units produced during 2013 to 2015, at least Legonya version could be a little entertaining. Yes, Lego Speed variant LA Ferrari Champions in 2015 in the cute dimensions of 14 cm long, 5 cm wide and 4 cm high.

LaFerrariAs many as 164 pieces were used in order to build it. Enhance appearance, Lego retain the sporty shape of the front bumper, rear lights are rounded and dynamic roof line.

Ford Mustang GT

For lovers of American muscle car, Speed Lego League also presents a variant of the Ford Mustang GT in 2016. The original edition car that has entered the 6th generation is still performed with a long bonnet, two doors, a large radiator grille and taillights vertical stripes below the bumper and dual exhaust. Meaning of Hybrid Technology in the Auto Industry

Ford-Mustang-GTFor business dimensions, the same as the model LA Ferrari, the body length of 14 cm, width of 5 cm and 4 cm high roof while the number kepingnya far more than 185 pieces. As a model car, known as the great engine, then Lego diorama presents support in the form of timing board that used during drag race within 402 meters.

McLaren P1

When you get bored with LA Ferrari, you have a choice of alternatives of McLaren P1. Speed Lego League presents the appearance of hybrid super car produced in Surrey England to uphold its main identity. That is a big spoiler and curved, black berkelir area at the entrance and front bumper plus exterior colors namely Volcano Yellow champion.

McLaren-P1Regarding the Lego model builder component output in 2015 is composed of 168 pieces. The features of this toy car are the windshield and tires that can be assembled and mini figure wearing a racing suit McLaren. For the dimensions of the body, once assembled, will be the same as the Ford Mustang GT and Ferrari hybrid supercar.

Porsche 918 Spyder

Prefer a hybrid super car roof is open or a big fan of Porsche? Relax for Speed Lego League has a model of the Porsche 918 Spyder. Car production version already started its inaugural debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013 and included in the limited edition variants, because only created as many as 918 units.

Porsche-SpyderSo it is not wrong when Lego released it in 2015 and then in order to meet the desires of Porsche lovers and collectors around the world. In building a toy car with no roof, included as many as 151 components. Pun once assembled, aligned with fewer components, the long dimension of the body is also smaller which is 13 cm.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Other car models of Lego Speed Champions coming from other American continent, is the Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Yes, supercar variant bearing the bowtie is already debuted at the Detroit Auto Show 2014 and the new version of Legonya diniagakan by 2016. Typically the long bonnet, a pair of doors, the lower spoiler and screen colors Yellow Corvette Racing Tintcoat participated felt in this edition.

Corvete-Z06Considering the capacity of 6.5L V8 depot personnel were great, Lego membundlingnya with a miniature TV camera to capture the action while in the 402 meter drag race event with Ford Mustang GT. The number of components required in the Lego makes many as 173 pieces.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Latter, a different genus with another product that is Lego Technic. Larger dimension, taking the number of components and apply the Lego that many mechanical systems. One model is the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, where the toy car is a form of direct cooperation with Porsche to features and functions that wears more attractive.

Porsche-GTRAs the car doors, trunk and hood can open, adjustable rear spoiler, steering wheel that could set the direction of the front tires up to paddle shift that changing the position of the transmission gear. Then there are the details for the component serial numbers in the glove box, per the suspension until the red brake calipers that says Popular Cars Porsche. Then how much the dimensions of the products launched in 2016 this Lego? Yes, a body length of 57 cm, width 25 cm and height 17 cm while the number of chips it needs to assemble as many as 2,700 pieces.

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