List of Top 5 Luxury Car Roof Variety


Features, to the type of vehicle, which can be associated roofing material. Indeed true car roof serves as a cover charge of protecting passengers either from weather changes, as well as privacy protection.

2006 Pontiac Solstice. X06PN_ST047


List of Top 5 Luxury Car Roof Variety

However, the need of every car buyer is certainly different. Anyone wanting more airy sense of space with a glass roof, some are like enjoying the wind blowing against her face when driving. Consequently manufacturer also innovates with a roof to realize this desire. Starting from just providing a roof with different shapes of material, so that it can be folded, up to a glass roof that can provide a broad view without the need undisturbed privacy. Everything is a series development of car roof.


As it grows, the car roof instead is kind to describe the format of the body. Roadster for example, describes a car with the roof open. Cabriolet, describe the type of car that has a retractable roof. However, this time we guided you to recognize a basic description of the type of the roof itself, and how the functions and objectives.

Panoramic Roof


This type of roof is probably the easiest you meet on the street. In the ’90s to the 2000s, this type of roof is quite difficult to find, not anything, the race brings the features of a glass roof, had not yet reached that point. Even if no one dared to use it, maybe just at the corners of the roof, not stretched as it is today.
Let you see the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport or Honda HR-V. Well, panoramic roof that is currently used, it can do all up for it. it is also inbuilt with many luxury features, which denoted by symbols. The roof is actually a promising experience to look outside of the cabin, precisely towards the sky to see a wider panorama.

Panoramic roof

Daihatsu Rocky FJ5, 90s for example. Glass roof is just being at the top of the side glass. It was already known as a panoramic roof. No one did, yet with the addition of the glass, the view looked out the cabin, can be more extensive. Usually, the car with the panoramic roof has a very large glass field. It could be spanned almost the entire roof, like that of the Outlander Sport, or Mercedes-Benz C-Class, for example. For, if only partially, usually classification is more appropriate to call it is a sunroof. Panoramic roof also apply both to a glass roof that can be opened or not. Nissan Serena Highway Star, for example, the glass roof were so great, could not be opened, but it gives an exciting experience.

Sun Roof


This type of glass roof is probably the easiest you encounter today. For to apply glass with dimensions is small compared to the entire roof of the car, tend to be easier. Even roofing applications even this is often a mainstay feature of the agent licensee to describe the car as the highest variance. Honda CR-V Prestige is one of them. Type the highest of the CR-V that was circulated since 2014, was finally granted a sun roof to mark him as a luxurious variant. Sun roof itself was originally used in 1937 by the manufacturer Nash Motor Company to describe the pieces of a retractable roof. Depending on what material it uses, can be a plate, or glass. The term moon roof had just appeared in the 1970s by Ford when using glass as part of the retractable roof.

Sun Roof

But in its development either moon roof, sun roof, or other terms is simply a matter of diction that is used as a material manufacturer promo. Because, now moon roof can serve as a sun roof- or vice versa-when he (moon roof) has a glass roof and there is also a layer of hardboard or blinds that can cover it.

Convertible Roof


As the name implies, convertible which means to have the ability to change, this type of car roof describe the car’s ability to change the format of the roadster (car without a roof) to the car with the roof. Cabriolet was just another name for this type of car roof. Which is changed the format of course just a roof and not turned completely into the motor like Batman Bat Mobile mounts. Convertible is actually an outgrowth of the roadster. Because having a car with no roof at all, it becomes a problem because of limited use, which forced the owners can only use it when there was only rain.


Roof of convertible cars are described as intended on the roof that can change shape either folded, rolled, to form a car was seen transformed into a roadster with no roof. Later, the name is catchy roadster which was often used as a name for promotion to a variant with a roof that can fold like this. For example, Mazda MX-5 Roadster. He still has a roof, but can be converted into a roadster with no roof in a matter of seconds.

Convertible or cabriolet, initially confined to a canvas roof (rag top / canvas top) with a frame that can be folded and shifted into the trunk manually, where the pamilik have to get off the car and the folding roof. But with the development, a hard material such as a hard top can be folded neatly and enter with more complex mechanisms. In fact, the current modern cars with convertible roof can enter the electrical mechanism when walking though. Mazda MX-5, Mercedes SLK, is some examples that apply this type. While the BMW Z-Series, Smart For two, MINI Cabrio, select the type of canvas material.

Hard Top


The term of hard top, your imagination immediately ushered to figure Toyota FJ and Jeep that has a canvas roof or hard (hard top). The Jeep was known as variant Jeep Hard Top. No one did, because until now, the Jeep still call this a variant with a hard top roof to distinguish with a canvas roof. Basically this is the case, the car roof that you see in the Jeep Wrangler Hard Top. The roof is made of a hard plastic material or plates, have a harder material (hard) compared to other roofing materials such as canvas wrapping potentially torn, or not soundproof when the heavy rain. However, the term hard top has actually been used since the 1950s by the Ford Thunderbird, Chevrolet Corvette, and lots more.

Luxury Car Roof VarietyIn essence, the hard top is the roof of the car, which is made of a hard material, and can be assembled. Yup, instead of opening and closing, but removable, then you become a car without a roof, while the roof is stored elsewhere. Until now, they released a Jeep Wrangler with a roof of this type. 10 important safety guard features in the car. Surely this is to provide a double experience for owners to enjoy driving modes roof fully open or closed but still safe and not afraid to tear the roof. Later, the cars super car also exists that use this type of roof, such as the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. The roof severity that can be removed and stored in the trunk, demonstrated this ability.


To more easily describe it, we tell about the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. Car worth Rp 59 billion of this, do not have a roof. There is only the A-pillar and B-pillar that stands in the body. Yup, the real roadster term used to refer to the type of car without a roof. Not a roof that can be opened then closed again.

gold-roadster-32-8Since the first car there, in the early 19th century, a car with a format like this already exists. The desire to use the car when the speed is not too high with wind gusts hitting directly to the driver, is a sensation that you want to target. Ford Model T, for example. Varian roadster presented no car roof at all.

wiesmann-roadster-[16262]Then, what about the security if no roof? Well, in this era of the 19th century, when the speed of passenger cars cannot be too high as today. And the safety factor of the roof has yet to be a very focused as it is today. This car, although not having a roof, but on the A-pillars and rear seats added reinforcement structure so that the passengers remain safe even though the car upside down.

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