List of World Record Broken at the Rio Olympic 2016


Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016 is over. Quadrennial sporting event was attended by 207 contingents. More than 10 thousand athletes compete to get medals. United States  came out as the overall winner Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games Michael Phelps and his colleagues recorded won 46 gold medals, 37 silver, and 38 bronze.

Lots of interesting stories that made an impression at the 2016 Olympic title but the most interesting is certainly a record-record successfully solved the athletes. There is an Olympic record, but the most fantastic of course world record.

Here’s the list of world records were broken during the 2016 Rio Olympics


  1. Ethiopian runner, Almaz Ayana, breaking the record for the fastest time finishing the race run a distance of 10 thousand meters.The record time is 29 minutes and 17.45 seconds.036061900_1471753028-20160821-Relawan-di-Balik-Pesta-Olahraga-Terakbar-Olimpiade-Rio-2016-AFP-1
  2. South African runner, Wayde van Niekerk, recorded a time of 42.03 seconds to finish the race run son with a distance of 400 meters.It is a new world record. Things You Should Not Do When Wearing Contact Lens
    3. Athletes Poland, Anita Wlodarczyk, be a woman who managed to break the world record in hammer throw sports. He managed to throw the hammer as far as 82.29 meters.

Swimming Pool

  1. British swimmers, Adam peaty, broke the world record. He only takes 57.13 seconds to finish the race a 100-meter breaststroke swimming.
    091061600_1453099119-h_521055372. Hungarian swimmer daughter, Katinka Hosszú, took four minutes and 26.36 seconds to complete the 400 meter relay swimming race individuals. It is a new world record. 3. Four Australian female swimmer, Emma McKeon, Brittany Elmslie, Bronte Campbell and Cate Campbell, a world record.They recorded a time of three minutes and 30.65 seconds to finish the race 4×100 meters freestyle swimming.4. Swedish swimmer, Sarah Sjostrom, recorded a time of 55.48 seconds to finish the race swimming the 100m butterfly.5. Katie Ledecky, the US swimmer, took three minutes and 56.46 seconds to set a world record in the 400 meter women’s freestyle. 087370400_1471238640-5_Katinka_Hosszu_036. Katie Ledecky also recorded a world record in the women’s swimming 800 meters freestyle. The record time is eight minutes and 04.79 seconds.

Weight Lifting

1. Chinese weightlifter Long Qingquan, lifting a total of 307 kilograms when down in the 56 kg class. That is a new record in the round total. 063105500_1471818089-deng-wei-22. Lifter other Chinese, Lu Xiaojun, also a world record. Lu is down at number 77 kilograms managed to lift loads weighing 177 kg in Snatch round.
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3. Nijat Rahimov, lifter Kazakhstan, carries over 214 at the Clean and Jerk round. It is a new world record in the 77 kilogram class.

  1. Athletes weightlifting Iran, Kianoush Rostami, successfully lifting a total of 396 kilograms in the 85 kilogram class.099003400_1470982328-Nijat_Rahimov5.Another Iranian lifter, Behdad Salimi, also a world record. The man who fell in the class 105 kilograms total weight lifting 216 kilograms in the last Snatch.6. Lasha Talakhadze, Georgia lifter, lifting a total of 473 kilograms. It was a new world record in the 105 kilogram class in the category innings total.7. Chinese women lifters, Deng Wei, broke two records at the same time down at number 63 kilograms. He managed to lift a total of 147 kilogram load at half the Clean and Jerk and 262 kilograms in total innings.

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