Maintaining Car Shine Only Four Step Procedure


Today’s every car owner adores her car, although only an ordinary hatchback than cars supercar. In terms of size, great pricing, we do more to make sure they look new. And who likes to travel by car that looks dull and ugly. If you were among car lovers are fanatics who want to see the decades-old cars, sparkling and gleaming like new vehicles, this article is applicable to you. Return time and make your car sparkle like coming out of the showroom.

Following simple four-step procedure of how to maintaining car shine by TopWorldFact.

Car Wash In and Out for Maintaining Car Shine:

How to Maintaining Car Shine


Washing your car is the most important step of the maintaining car shine. If you want your car look millions of dollars, make sure you wash the car every 15 days. High-pressure washing, removing all the dirt, dust, water, and residual salt, especially in the area behind the casting, such as between the wheels, under the bumper, and others. Before proceeding with the next step, make sure you clean all the dirt from the surface of the car, if not ugly scratches will appear on the car body if the surface is dusty pile up. For washing, use premium laundry detergent and clean the frame and the door frame by hand. Be sure to clean up the fungus on the floor or will cause scratches in the paint. After washing, dry with your car than waiting hands dry with air, it will keep you from water stains appear on the vehicle body freshly washed.



Even after a thorough cleaning, some dust particles and stains still be able to stay in your car body. To eliminate it, detailing clay appears in very practical form when Maintaining Car Shine. The rough surface of your car has been contaminated, it is difficult to be cleaned with water washing. For the following problems, detailing clay can be used and help you to clean up any dust particles and fill imperfections of your vehicle in an instant, producing a surface that is smooth and polished and ready to maximize the effect of the session-and-polish wax at a later stage.


How to Maintaining Car Shine

After washing and claying, your car may look clean but less shiny and luminous. To provide the same luster as when first purchased, jobs polish works like magic. Polish is a process using an abrasive substance to remove a very thin layer on the outer portion of paint, which is usually the most damaged.The polishing process create a layer below the surface to shine, make your car look millions of dollars.With a variety of polishing tools available on the market, you can perform this task with ease at home.But if you need a professional touch using a buffing machine, we recommend to take your car to a professional. If the polish at home, we advise you to do so with three stages of polishing:

  • First, aggressive polish to remove scratches on rough surfaces
  • Second, a softer makeup with medium force to eliminate the usual scratches and imperfections
  • Lastly, you have to use a very fine polishing and soft earmarked reinforce that has been achieved by the whole process of polishing


How to Maintaining Car Shine

Brush up helping you to show Maintaining Car Shine coat of paint and make your car look new, but to maintain the maximum results in a long time, waxing must be done. The main purpose of waxing is to create a protective coating on a car that has been polished-perfect, glossy and protects the shine is lost due to factors such as direct exposure to sunlight, dust and dirt, scratches, rain, and snow among others. You can find waxing easily at any automotive store, but avoid the use of the product “2in1” that claim to give two objectives at once, namely poles and wax, we advise you to avoid it and still chose two different products. In addition, compared to let the wax is applied to the surface for a long time, clean the surface after a few minutes because it would require less effort with results that are more durable.


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