Understand the Meaning of Symbols on Indicator Panel

Condition of the car is not difficult to identify the changes or the situation. Each anomaly in many devices, primarily related to the condition of the vehicle typically has a sensor each. All car manufacturers usually been kind enough to provide a range of parameters to give a notification when there is a change in the device. The dashboard is inbuilt with many features, which is very less people understand the actual Meaning of Symbols. Of course, not all of notification means that something bad happened.

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Understand the Meaning of Symbols on Indicator Panel

Although there are no language uniformity in conveying the message through a notification, but the symbols typically used by the manufacturer through the instrument panel which is called the speedometer? Yes, the speedometer is behind the wheel is not merely provide information how the speed, engine rpm, or the condition of the fuel only. There is a reason why the manufacturers call the instrument panel or an indicator. Through the symbols on these indicators, manufacturers are trying to tell easily the various conditions of the vehicle at the instrument panel which is located close to the driver’s eye.

Meaning of Symbols on Indicator Panel

Here we present to you the meaning of symbols indicator on the instrument panel that is commonly found in the cars that circulate in the country, which we summarized Meaning of Symbols on Indicators Panel

Here we present to you the meaning of symbols indicator on the instrument panel

Checks Machine


This sign reads car computers there are problems in the engine. Because the machine itself consists of many components, typically to recognize the problem needs to be more detailed point required reading by technicians use tools On Board Diagnostic (OBD).

Radiator temperature


Meaning of Symbols, if the symbol blue, usually radiator indicators let you know that the engine temperature is not hot enough to work. If red, it means that the radiator was too hot, as well as in the machine, so you should turn off the vehicle immediately.

Oil pressure


If the logo is lit, then immediately stop the vehicle and let stand until the engine is cold. After that, add the oil. Yes, this symbol appears the cause is usually a decrease in pressure or the amount of oil in the engine.



The Meaning of this Symbols is usually varies depending on the manufacturer. However, there is usually a key sign of pliers, and a car, or lock pliers and machines. This means you should immediately check the condition of the vehicle to the car. No need to worry there is a problem; some manufacturers usually activate these indicators with a view reminiscent of a regular maintenance schedule.



As an electricity storage device for various electrical needs of the car, the battery was usually has its own indicator if there are anomalies. Usually what happens is the decrease of electric power in the battery. This can be caused also by the ability of the alternator to generate electricity decreased.

Power Steering


Currently steering guidance system is already diverse. No hydraulic or electrically. However, whatever the system, when an anomaly occurs, it can lead to anomalies in control. Therefore, if the steering logo is lit, it means that there are things that do not normally occur in the steering guidance system.

Lock Not Legible


These systems are usually there in the car with Immobilizer system. Either using the Smart Key or mechanical key, if this logo appears, the keys should not be found or not readable by the system. You should not be used to propel the car before the key is found and this symbol is missing from the instrument panel.

Wind Pressure Tires



Usually this indicator emerging if your car is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).The sensor sends a signal to the computer if the air pressure is less. Indeed, not all of a sudden just because it reduced 1-3 PSI, but usually if these signs appear, it immediately check your tire pressure.

Diesel Particulate Filter


Well, this indicator certainly exists only in diesel cars. In fact, probably only exist in modern diesel cars with European emission standards, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and others. As the name implies, this device will be a special reading device is a diesel particulate filter (DPF), not up to the machine. The Devices is charge of filtering harmful particles from diesel engines before being discharged into the exhaust. When this indicator is lit, meaning that pollutants filtered by DPF piling up and need to be replaced.

Lane Departure Warning


This indicator only lights up when the car crossed lanes should be read without giving a warning to other road users. Yes, that means your vehicle is in a dangerous situation. These systems are usually only available in the car with a full-featured, such as the All-New Mazda2 SKYACTIV , which is equipped with stereo camera to read road markings.

Consumable Fuels


Car manufacturers usually kindly provide indicators of the amount of fuel in the car. Not only the shape of both the meter and the needle diagram that shows how the volume of fuel remaining, But until when the fuel is completely critical, and must immediately make any charge, no indicator. Yes, if this symbol is on or flashing. The good immediately point the car to a nearby gas station.

Airbag Off


Appropriate sign, this is a sign of airbags or air bag. If these signs appear, something happens to your airbags. If this flag turns on when the airbag is not inflated, it means the sensor reading is problematic airbag activation.

Open Door


Make sure that this symbol does not appear when you are going to run the vehicle. Yes, this symbol indicates that a door is not yet closed. Depending on features of the car, usually there are some manufacturers who only use the symbol to signify the door open any door that is not closed, but there are also cars with a higher caste that provide notification to the image location different door to door luggage or hood.

Traction Control


The system is in charge of guiding this wheel traction on some car models did have a deactivation feature. Under normal conditions, the epitome of traction control will not appear, but when you switch it off, this symbol will appear, which means that the system allows the excess or rotation of the wheel traction without limiting the maximum even in any condition.

Anti-lock Breaking System (ABS)


Brake system with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) has a complex device tasked with preventing the wheels locked during braking, which is also listed in the list of Hybrid Technology features. If the logo is lit when you are not braking, meaning that there are anomalies in this device. But if this symbol appears when you are braking, meaning that the system is working to support braking.

Active Hand Brake


If the sign is lit, it means that the parking brake or emergency brake is still in active condition gripping the wheel. If you’re walking, do not let this symbol appears, because it means the brake system is active braking and can scorch the brake.

Malfunction Transmission


Usually this indicator is on automatic transmission cars. The system will provide notification in the event of a malfunction or anomaly in the automatic gearbox. Depending on the type or model of car, there is also indicating the transmission lubrication system deteriorates. To be sure, if the logo appears, then you should check with the transmission of your car. I hope you understand the actual Meaning of Symbols in your Car.

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