Meaning of White Color in Marriage


Although seem trivial, but the selection of wedding colors tend to reflect a subconscious personality in the face of the future.
Try it, certainly not a few among you who have decided to use one or two dominant colors in the wedding, including the table decorations, flowers, dresses and so on.

White color in marriage

Of course, some brides will choose the appropriate color theme of the wedding, such as weddings on the beach, park, vintage theme, a dance, or a traditional theme. Most of you also tend to choose pastel colors are soft, jewel colors, up to contemporary colors.
However, there are couples who might choose simple and elegant combinations such as black and white or beige, dark blue and white or all white theme.
Then, if the color choices are appropriate?  Page Empowers yourself noted, there are some suggestions that can be done. First, choose a color that you prefer for a maximum of three colors and proportions.

So, have determined the choice? The following, we will discuss the meaning of the white color in the marriage.

Meaning of white color in marriage

White color

White color in marriage

White is the color of the purest form. Representing innocence, Wholeness and Perfection. Like a blank canvas, ready for the white color signifies life and pave the way for the artist to imply anything. Even this color depicts an atmosphere of peace and comfort.
If you choose white color in marriage, this means you are ready to start new beginning together couples. Classic, but the color is believed symbol of purity in a relationship.
In marriage, who choose white color in marriage, tends to want to remain independent, self- reliant, create a life of simplicity and suppress the stress as much as possible.
White color in marriage also has a sense of balance that represents the positive aspects and negatives of all colors. Such as fairness, neutrality and independence. Additionally, this color set mind and purify your mind, emotions and, ultimately, raise your whole energy system.

White color in marriageHowever, too much white can lead to feelings of emptiness, because white color in marriage is too pure and immaculate, making you feel as if you could not move for fear of making a mess.

Positive and negative attributes

Positives: purity, cleanliness, equality, complete and intact, simplicity, neat, self-contained, pure and open, a new beginning.
Negatives: cool, chatty, a blank (empty), isolated, careful, innocent, imaginative, critical and boring.

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