Things about Men and Sex Must Be Understood Women


Talk about sex and men, women usually quite adept at reading the minds and attitudes of men, but there are still some things that have not been many women understand. In reality, a woman may already know and understand a few things about men and sex, but chose not to care about it and secretly hope that this is not true.
Unfortunately pretend not know will not allow you to establish a relationship with a man. Better recognize and understand about how men think and what lies behind his attitude toward sex. Are you ready to face the reality?



Here are Things about Men and Sex Must Be Understood Women

Men are not just want to have sex, men need sex for men, sex is as important as food and sleep. When you refuse to have sex with your partner to punish him or give him a lesson, the effect will be worse. Why? For men will seek satisfaction elsewhere. In fact, men can deliberately touch with someone on purpose to make you hurt.

After sax, men will experience a physiological response physiological reaction that occurs after sex to make men give emotional distance with their partner. This is why men tend to become tired and sleepy after sex. They do not want to cuddle or cuddling after sex not because of personal reasons, but is caused by a chemical reaction and has nothing to do with his feelings to you.

Men think about sex every meet woman when men see, meet or think of a woman, he would imagine if he had sex with the woman. The more attractive the woman, the longer and the real fantasy is happening in the minds of men. Most of the time, the thought of having sex with another woman happened without any intent and will not continue to reality. Men rarely admit that they have this thought in their minds.

The more you show other women attractive, increasingly interested man to you It may sound strange, but when you acknowledge the attractiveness of other women in front of your partner, he will be relieved that he is free to appreciate another woman in front of you. It also shows that you are a woman who is confident, and confidence is one of the things that are considered sexy by men.


Men will answer with vague if you ask about what he was thinking man would hide the fact that they’re thinking about sex more often than they realize. If he is forced to admit it, he would be shut down and refuse to communicate with you.

In order to remain interested men, women need a little attitude ‘sell high’ as a woman, you may have already heard about this. Unfortunately, here are many women much misunderstanding about how to be selling expensive. Abruptly canceled a date not fixed attitude because it will make him confused and frustrated. One way is by selling expensive not too aggressive, and do not need to rush to show your feelings to him.

Clothing, hairstyles, perfumes, and makeup had little affect men Yes, the things above can make a woman look more attractive, but the man still assessing the character and nature of women as the main thing. The more confident and independent woman, the more attractive he is in front of the eyes of men. As you may be invited to be silly, insightful, and not much demand, he will not want to let you.


Men will behave like male gaze always fixed on an attractive woman, and they will have fantasies about having sex with other people. Men ‘fine’ is no exception. When you accept and understand that this is not a threat to the relationship, you will be happier.

Men do not like to talk about the past relationship Men like to think that he is the only person who ever with you, even though they know that it is not true. The thought of you with another person is a threat to them, even your relationship with a former lover in school. It is not a rational thing, but like that guy thinks.

Sex life is a field that men enjoy and have mastered the one hand, men enjoy sex, but they are also aware of their duty to satisfy a woman. When their spouses are not satisfied, they will feel like a failure. So, if you’re do not want to have sex , better to say what you feel in order to avoid misunderstandings.

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