Want to See Most Romantic Love Letter in the World


With the development of technology, a love letter may no longer popular. Therefore, the current can express love with a faster medium such as sending instant messages rather than handwriting on paper.

This is the Most Romantic Love Letter in the World

However, for matters of romance, a love letter is still the champion. Handwriting on paper shows the seriousness of someone in expressing his love to the loved ones.

Words may have been used to decorate the poetic love letters, but what if the content of a love letter is a straight forward sentence even tends funny? The selected sentence can destroy the image of poetic phrases that are commonly used for this.

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A man named account Someone Took My Username Too recently uploaded a photo on Imgur. The photos show the love letters that spelled funny so viral on social media.

He boldly revealed that the rose is in fact not a romantic thing if it is associated with love. Therefore, the roses may wither and vulnerable destroyed.

Something that should be given to someone to show love is something that should be strong, durable, and not easily destroyed. Something likes the Nokia 3210 phone.

loveIt turns out that photo are reaping the comments tend to like a netizen’s hilarious.

“I think the phone has gone through a lot of struggle, such as the fall of the Empire State Building but still alive.”

” Black box airplanes as strong as Nokia mobile phones,” wrote another netizen.

Comments with exaggerated tones were also present. “Alien fined Nokia before humans and must destroy it. They shot the earth to destroy all the dinosaurs.”

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