Top 10 Most Unique Highways in the World

If you’re at the peak of a career, or are have free time to traveling outside Indonesia, and, wanting to spend time with your beloved vehicle, then road trip is the choice. Together with best friend or spouse that you love, speeding down the street in the top four with a steering wheel that you hold yourself, is a moment that will be included in one of the things you should do before you die.

Noting memory with various memories on the trip, meet the camera with beautiful photographs, spent fuel in the middle of the street will be an important part of your life history.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Highways in the World

1. Milford Road, New Zealand 

Location: Fiordland National Park.Distance: 183 km



This road is probably the closest location that you can sambangi if you are Indonesian citizens, Located just south of Indonesia, precisely in New Zealand. The highway is not too long, only about 183 km of Fiordland National Park. आखिर क्यों इस इंडियन शादी के नाम दर्ज है गिनीज वल्र्ड रिकॉर्ड

In this way, you can enjoy the street with a view of the forest, the lake is very clear and waterfalls along the National Park. If you are lucky to find it, there are several locations that spot the filming of Lord of the Rings. Yes, as long as you do not get lost because of the pursuit of a ring that brought Frodo.

2. Scenic Highway 12, Utah, United States 

Location: Bryce Valley – Capitol Reef National Park.Distance: 199 km


When you are in the United States, do not just drive on Route 66 just too simply shooting yourself in the famous street. There Scenic Highway 12 in the area of Utah. Road length of nearly 200 km will be unfurled historical sights.

Not the American history you can see, but the history of the earth itself. Yes, the valley Bryce and Capitol Reef National Park is a beautiful tourist destination that lies along this road. On the way there are also spots where you can entertain family like Dixie National Forest, Kodachrome Basin State Park, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Anasazi State Park Museum.

3. Jebel Hafeet, United Arab Emirates 

Area: Jebel Hafeet.Distance: 11.7 km



If you’re visiting a friend’s house you’re an Arab merchant in the United Arab Emirates, do not forget to pay a visit to Jabal Hafeet. It is not a tourist area, just a street along the 11.7 km. 6 Tips That Can Make Your Photo Looks More Perfect

So what is so special to tens heir United Arab Emirates oilfields often bring supercar passed this way?They are not just towards a luxury hotel at the top of the mountain, but he enjoyed a quiet winding roads and conjured images of them with views of the city of Al Ain below. No need to pay anything to get through this highway, but just make sure you’re driving an exotic or otherwise, hold prestige alone.

4. Great Ocean Road, Australia 

Location: Torquay – Warnambol, Victoria.Distance: 243 km


One more exotic street that you can enjoy and located quite close to Indonesia, Australia Cross Roads is located right on the edge of southeast Australia. This beautiful road stretches along 243 km from Torquay to Warnambol in the state of Victoria.

Optionally, you can stop along the way to expand the mat and feel the sea breeze refreshing and distinctive. Beautiful cliff scenery, streets with great twists and make it easier to spur high-speed, provoke desire anyone to take in the beauty of the world and the joy of driving.

Because, at several locations along the way, you can find the location of seeing whales, beautiful beaches, to surf spots. Also make sure when through this pathway, to photograph the beauty of The Twelve Apostles, rocks that stands stately on the beach.

5. Overseas Highway, Florida, United States 

Location: Florida Keys.Distance: 181 km


One of the historic streets in the United States, not because the road, but as one of the most important rail lines in the US at the time, became the benchmark for making this highway in the 1930s. 4 Things Other People Say When You So New Bride

The streets along the 181 km connect Florida to Key West and not by land, but across the ocean on it. Yes, the pavement is built on a sea without any one stop. But on top of this road you can enjoy your car feels as if floating on the ocean, with the pounding of the sea water around you. Some well-known films such as Mission Impossible played Tom Cruise and Fast And Furious, starring Vin Diesel and Alm. Paul Walker shot in this street.

6. Stelvio Pass, Italy 

Location: Province of South Tyrol – Sondrio.Elevation: 2,757 m


In the highlands, located in northern Italy, to the Swiss border, there is a road called the Stelvio Pass. The road is nearly a century old this is one of the highest roads impassable to cars in the eastern part of the Alps.

With a height of 2,757 above sea level, make sure your vehicle has a cabin heating feature, if not, you will be cold, because this height was not in Indonesia to pass cars.

The streets with beautiful mountain views have 60 curves and are often used as a race track touring bikes and motorcycles. This road can you make the choice if they want across Europe by road from Italy.

7. The Atlantic Road, Norway 

Location: City Kristiansund-Molde.Distance: 8 km


This road is probably the shortest beautiful street in the world. Its length is only about 8 km, but this beautiful road stretched between small islands to get to the city of Molde, Kristiansund. Straight? Of course not, filled with a turn for direction following the road lies the small island in its path. 7 Things Happen When You Single in Life

If you’re traveling to Norway, make sure the car you pass this point though none of tourist destinations that you go there. However, since it opened in 1989, many rest areas to give you a chance to stop and enjoy the beauty of the islands in the most beautiful in Norway this.

8. Cabot Trail, Canada 

Location: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.Distance: 297 km


While in Canada, and SUV or car Grand Touring you drive are in need to spend time with the travel path, melajulah on the Cabot Trail.

The road along the 297 km is located in Nova Scotia, across the green forest is very dense with foliage flora offering different colors along with your trip. In some parts of the road there is also a museum, a gallery and a few spots for hiking and enjoying the snow with snow mobilie.

9. Col De Turini, France 

Location: Alpes-Maritimes, South of France.Elevation: 1,584 m


If you easily get drunk on the trip because the road is winding, uphill, derivative, then do not spend time in a beautiful location in one of the streets of the French corner. But if you want to enjoy one of the roads used in the Rally Monte Carlo or the Tour de France, then, make sure your vehicle crosses the lane Col de Turini. 10 Facts You Never Know about Pole Dance

Your car will be moving to the height of 1,584 m with a range liukan road between the cliffs, beaches, and mountains that ended in Sospel. Any car can pass this point, yet still able to cross the bike course.

10. Ruta 40, Argentina 

Location: Puna- Cabo Virgins.Distance: 4.900 km


If you are driving a vehicle Grand Touring cool driving cross country at high speed, then drive in the path Ruta 40, Argentina. Oh yes, make sure your vehicle is in the best physical, because you will travel a distance of no less than 4,900 km.

Yes, 4,900 km and runs along the west Argentina on the Puna to Cabo Virgins. Along this path there are 236 bridges, 18 major rivers and 20 sites. You could probably spend a week to travel and enjoy the whole trip on the longest road in the Argentine. However, you will return to the conditions that have to direct cars into the garage for periodic servicing and bergiga bytes beautiful photographs that record the trip in memory of a million births State’s Lionel Messi.

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