Must Take 10 Tools before Going on the Trip by Car

Have a good vacation. Yes, because the Eid holiday season will soon arrive. Holiday season that marks the end of Ramadan for. Whatever the purpose, if you use the vehicle, would be calmer to travel far when the car is being primed condition.

Take 10 Tools before Going on the Trip by Car

When traveling, no matter how well prepared you, of course there are many unpredictable things that can greet in the middle of the route. A small obstacle like AC die due to blown fuse, a flat tire, battery overdrawn, it seems it is a light thing that often happens.

Must Take 10 Tools before Going on the Trip by Car

We summarize a lot of equipment that can be brought in a car as a technical support that you can use yourself when encountering a variety of problems in traveling light when you are going on the Trip by Car.

Jumper cables / power bank
The Jumper cables is connecting the electricity between the two cars. The device is usually in the form of two strands of this cable could lift the battery so that the battery electric power that has been lost in the current car you can channel the energy needed to power the engine.

Take 10 Tools before Going on the Trip by CarIf you have good budget, can choose to bring power special bank that has a large electric power savings and allow it to boost power to start the car.
Be it power bank or jumper cables, both are needed by those who use automatic transmission car. For a car with this transmission cannot be driven on like a manual transmission car to start the engine.


Tire Inflator
Currently the auto market has been widely circulated tire pumping device that is small and can be carried in the car. These devices usually shaped mini compressors that are powered electricity of 12V output that is common in the car.

Take 10 Tools before Going on the Trip by CarIf your car is leaking smooth experience and shortage of wind, of course with this device you can still continue the journey and not have to worry if the tire continues to decrease, because it can fill itself.

Tires Patch
Perhaps you would imagine device used by the tire patch tire repairman traditional. Well, such a device is sold well in the market and can be used by you though, with a little bit certainly learned his technique and effort to do so. However, if you do not want too much trouble, just buy liquid tire patch on the market. With this fluid you need not do conventional fillings.

Take 10 Tools before Going on the Trip by CarOnly, we do not suggest using tires that have been patched with this fluid permanently. The good, you still have to bring it to a tire patch if met on the road and clear liquid fillings from inside the tire. Because, generally liquid tire patch will remain in the form of a fluid that is capable of disrupting the balance of the tire.

Each car must already have these devices, because the manufacturer has been provide a special jack with the car. But there’s nothing wrong with the jack with crocodile’s mechanism which has a higher tonnage lift from your car.

Take 10 Tools before Going on the Trip by CarThis we recommend that you can help another car that may be more weight is the weight of your car and do not comply with the standard car jack you. The Jack certainly useful to leverage most of the car up so you can take off the tires or access under the vehicle to fix the damage.

Tow cable

Take 10 Tools before Going on the Trip by CarWhether it’s steel cables or ropes, these devices you should bring before going on the Trip by Car. Because it’s no good your car is equipped with a towing hook if a cable to connect with another car no. Oh yes, note material and large hook tow cable you bought. Make sure it can get stuck in hook hook available in your car.


Take 10 Tools before Going on the Trip by CarAlso provide a flashlight and keep it in the glove box or the location closest to the driver before Going on the Trip by Car. This is to make it easier to pick it up when you are in an emergency situation and minimal lighting. And you need not buy too big and takes a lot of power.

Small fire extinguisher or fire extinguisher fire extinguisher is a device that is sold freely on the market. The price is affordable.

Take 10 Tools before Going on the Trip by CarAt the time of purchase, recognize also the type of material, method of use, and expiration. APAR usually can only put out the fire before it is too big and only works in seconds. Keep fire extinguisher in an accessible location for the driver, for example under the front passenger seat, or under the glove box, but it sure cannot be played by children.

Tools Kit
Manufacturing had been kind enough to provide some equipment such as a screwdriver, and some keys in your car. But also helps you save more complete equipment.

You can buy a tool kit set before going on the Trip by Car, which contained equipment ranging from screwdrivers to lock even a hammer. Usually the tool kit is sold in a practical package that easily stored and used. Even if you do not know when need it, but if something happens and do not have it, it was worse.

As a device to cut off the flow of excess, of the fuse is a disposable item. Once it is damaged, it cannot be used anymore. Usually manufacturers only provide a few pieces of fuse only.

Blade FusesWe recommend that you save a lot more different voltage fuse with a fuse according to the voltage that is in your car before going on the Trip by Car. After all, if you save a dozen fuses though, will not take up much space in the trunk, right?

Standard Equipment
We deliberately put the standard equipment at the end of the article. The reason is that you do not forget to make sure the devices mandatory standards’ in the car, is already available.

Take 10 Tools before Going on the Trip by CarTo let you know what should be standard equipment available in your car, read the manual re-do not forget to save back in the car. Safety triangle, P3K box, wheel locks, towing hook, are some of the standard equipment that normally exist in the car. Make sure these entire have in your car before a long trip.

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