New Hope at the End of EURO 2016 Football Party


Before EURO 2016 began, France has been volatile with terrorism and social unrest in various regions. Various problems in the country making the European Cup in 2016 have now turned into a new hope to unite all elements of society in order to face trial.



New Hope at the End of EURO 2016 Football Party

France has a great opportunity status as Kings of Europe after qualifying for the finals of Euro 2016. The team Roosters grabbed a semi-final ticket after beating the world champion in 2014, Germany two goals without reply. Antoine Griezmann bought a pair of goals France.

France retained its status as the team who always look stunning when entrusted to host a major tournament. The proof, of five appearances as host, Les Bleus successfully grabbed three titles. One success is within reach France in the World Cup 1998. In the European Cup, France emerged as the champion in 1984 and 2000 when they co-host Belgium. Now, France has a great opportunity to add to the collection of their degree.


That’s because they had confirmed tickets for the European Cup final in 2016. Success was obtained after defeating their 2014 World Cup champion team, Germany, two goals without reply. In the final at the Stade de France, on Monday, they will wait on the challenge of Portugal. After conquering Germany 2-0 in the semi-finals at the Stade Velodrome to two goals from Antoine Griezmann, French society was so delighted. Even enthusiastic supporters when it called the largest since when France won the World Cup 1998. At that time, more than 1 million people took to the streets in Paris welcomed the success of Les Bleus.

Public remarks when France became the 1998 World Cup champion (Daily Mail)
The victory is more than just a health problem. Troop Aime Jacquet was even referred to as a means of unifying the nation. Before the 1998 World Cup was held, riots occurred in various regions of France. 2016 European Cup became the political scene this year. Moreover, when the European Cup in 2016 rolled on, the European public scene with the British decision that comes out of the EU or commonly referred to as Brexit. The impact of terrorist attacks ISIS last year still remaining. Moreover, many regions of Europe also could be a terror target.


The situation is not much different when the 1998 World Cup, the political atmosphere is also so thick. At that time, Zinedine Zidane et al became the subject of political scrutiny. The strongest political party opposed to the diversity of French squad at the World Cup since France still divided.

Remarkably, his success in the 1998 World Cup has made the whole French people united. Differences in ethnicity, religion, and culture became the subject of minorities throughout the summer of 1998. Naturally, when the French people pinned their hopes, The Tim Rooster has able to beat Portugal in the final to restore a sense of unity and cohesion of French society against terrorism and political turmoil in Europe.

EURO 2016 Football Party

In fact, Deschamps was able to polish players like Griezmann, Olivier Giroud, Pogba and Moussa Sissoko as a key player. Their contributions were brought France to conquer Romania 2-1, Albania 2-0 and Switzerland 0-0. They are the Republic of Ireland 2-1, Iceland 5-2 and Germany 2-0. In contrast to Portugal is touted as a finalist auspicious. Before the final match, Portugal won only once in a normal game. The rest, they won on penalties. Only when against Wales in the semi-finals, Cristiano Ronaldo et al carve out a 2-0 victory.

Cristiano Ronaldo will be Portugal’s most wary of France in the final of Euro 2016. (AFP / Paul Ellis) The head-to-head also sided with France. The home team has an impressive record of the meeting on Portugal. After the defeat on April 26, 1975, France was never again bow down before Portugal. Ten successful last duel won by France.

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